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design is a combination of form and function. when the dud is released, it's going to be because of function, not form. IMO, good design disappears (to the user). you can appreciate the aesthetics of something when it's sitting on the table, but once you pick it up, aesthetics give way to mechanics. an ipod classic could look just as nice whether ou use the click wheel or d-pad, but USABILITY goes to the toilet if you have to tap to navigate the interface vs. scrolling...
I was thinking the same, but I don't think the family is legally relevant.. Sony is working with the author... then again, maybe (HOPEFULLY) the family has some leverage over Isaacson and they can proxy their wishes through him.still.. this piece made me sick. it's barely been 48 hours.
upper right hand corner shows a green sticker with Chinese writing.
ipad form factor, MBA capabilities (SSD, more RAM, retina display, access to the file system, i/o ports, video out, hybrid OS so you can run iOS apps and mac apps, retina display..a "true" touch based laptop?
what really bugs me about it is when you go back to the app store, you lose your place (if you were looking at, say, page 5 of some section), or you are on apps 50-75 of the "top" sections.
*raises hand*
buying a home made copy of Lion or Windows is clearly illegal, but is selling registration? if you are registered, you are entitled to use it.. what's being sold is NOT the software itself, rather the entitlement. but don't forget.. iOS5 is not paid software.. everyone gets it FREE (when the time comes)... nobody is selling the software, they're selling the right/ability to get/use it. Apple's not calling the cops on anyone, they're just busting them for violating the terms.
i say there's a good chance it's tied (exclusively) to the amazon appstore - and they offer them for damn near free to prime customers.. how many of them will give up netflix streaming in favor of FREE streaming for amazon prime. just wish i could get amazon on the console. cheap or free to prime customers is potentailly hundreds of thousands of units "sold" on day one.. quite an incentive to port your app.. amazon pad could be THE ipad competitor because they already...
seems a bit "expensive" to put this function in a dock (I've got 4 ipods - only 2 hold a charge) but I have NO DOCKS. I don't see myself getting a single dock (much less one for every location).. wouldn't it be easier/better to change modes on the phone (via shortcuts)? what if I want to use my car settings in someone else's car?
My garage was broken into last year. Why didn't you stop it? Apple is not responsible for YOUR SHIT.
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