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Lam is alleged to have contacted Alan Yang of Shenzhen, who operates the business "Focusupply." Apple claims to have obtained an instant message conversation between Yang and Lam, in which Yang said his company had a "friend" at manufacturing company Foxconn.
i don't see the similarities at all http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_at_c...6-news-177.php
appl can't keep up with demand, but they don't tell you they have them when they don't. order online from apple. it will ship on or before the day it says it will. easy. painless
...did you read how may posts are from people who were first/in front of the line? how did they get sold out when they were there BEFORE the store opened? .. and their INTRANET site is not exactly the same as their public website - if you're using their LAN connections, you are on their network. whip out your phone an comparison shop (while you're on the cell network).
order online from apple and be patient. what's your hurry? only fools wait in line or get sucked in by BB trying to generate foot traffic.
most TV's have glossy screens. I was limited to 2 brands when I was shopping for mine last year. I found zero plasma's with a matte screen. only Sony and Samsung make matte (LED/LCD @52") I find glossy to be superior (for laptops) and glare isn't a huge problem because you can adjust the angle easily on a portable, but for my TV, glossy was a no-go because my living room has 3 5'X5' East facing windows. back on topic - if AAPL is going to sell a set, there better be...
but nobody has a TM on any of those.. I'm not being snarky... that's an important distinction since this article is about protecting a trademark. I'm fairly certain "windows" was in general use before computers existed.. but MS came along and trademarked it.
look people, let's not forget about a major world event in Japan. we know they're built in China, but I'll bet some components come out of Japan. Even if the Japanese part manufacturers weren't directly impacted (damage to facilities) - the Japanese people are (understandably) preoccupied.. plus the infrastrucutre could be damaged meaning they cant get the parts from the factories to China because of damage to roadways/runways/train tracks. 5 nuclear plants are...
they didn't offer a voucher? you know.. reserve one from the next shipment and front of the line treatment if necessary? i waited in line (a very short line ~10 ppl) for one of the iphones and the activation system died so they gave all of us vouchers.. reserve the size you want and first in line for activation. later that day, I was in and out in about 10 minutes. got to cut about 50 people.
OMG. I have windows in my walls so I can see what's going on outside. Better call my lawyer.
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