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doesn't sound like what Apple has in mind.. besides. a mini OLED on each key is not cheap. optimus maximus sells for $1500-2000 (if you can even find one).. but here's a videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWkjtnd367Q (got to admit it's pretty slick)
what is this 1000 dollars you speak of? 3g plans for the ipad in the US are $15/month for 250GB and $25/month for 2GB max $300/year, and there's no contract. pay as you go - turn it on and off as you need it and you do it right from the device.. you don't need to call or visit a website to enable/cancel service.http://www.apple.com/ipad/3g/
free could just mean syncing or streaming services (not email, idisk, etc).. itunes already has the code to limit sharing libraries to 5 machines (those authorized or tied to your account). I'm sure the RIAA/MPAA wants to impose limits on streaming content - so Apple needs to limit that as well.. why build something separate into mobile me?
where in the United States are you going to find people working for the US equivalent of the Chinese wage? The cost of living (especially in CA) is so high that you simply cannot afford to live here on minimum wage (and factory workers in China get far less than even the cheapest labor in the US). Minimum wage in CA in $8.00/hr.. Chinese will work 2 DAYS for that.
[QUOTE=Bwinski;1747327]it's tmobile branded WITH the made for ipod "sticker" they had to pay apple to license it. You can't sell dock connectors unless you pay for licensing. seems that a company "about to crater" wouldn't spend money on licensing for a piece of wire.
you want your iphone to start looking like android? I can't see apple giving up total control over hardware/software to appease a carrier. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/...oid-phones.ars
no other solution will preserve itunes (video) drm. yes, you can get the same content from other places.. but if itunes is your store.. this is the easiest way to get it to your tv. hooking a laptop up is less than elegant i was underwhelmed by the new ATV, so I got a Western Digital video player.. $129 with support for 2 USB drives (drives extra of course). netflix, and other streaming services supported as well. HDMI out, 1080p. wifi is not supported out the box though,...
that's why it's not allowed. facetime goes live, the burquas come off. Apple removed any mention of it in their documentation too.. so it's not just the screenshots. i wonder what the problem is. I assume desktop based videochat works over there?
FWIW - the delay might not have anything to do with Apple.. there's a little weather in China right now.. T-storms all week.. maybe FedEx isn't flying their normal number of routes. http://www.weather.com/outlook/trave...opnav_business
all the parents I know don't rent the same (kids) movie over and over. they buy/rip and put it on their media server. you can stream your own content to the ATV.. so what's the problem?
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