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I'm sure there are biased Android editorials. I would be inclined to call them crap as well, and would lose respect for any publication/site that printed them. Not sure where you're headed with that.
And most likely the days that they highlighted some of the finer points of say, grammar and punctuation.But even if it were the case that he had a PhD, it would only be proving my original point that much more emphatically. I'd be inclined to say, as forcefully as fists of ham pounding away at a keyboard on an Apple forum.
Yeah, but it's like a trainwreck, you can't help it, and anyway the iPhone 6/rMBP updates are months out.
Yeah. I've never trusted that guy either.
Look at this entire thread. Look at the amount of time and effort this website devotes to bashing Samsung.It's really embarrassing that these people exist.DED is pretty much the Fox News of tech reporting, and everything he writes is a hit-piece.I start visiting this site, browse through a bit to see when the updates are coming, and then one of these steaming piles always turns me away again.Without this garbage this site would be so, so much better.
DED is probably cooking up a hot mess as I type this. Should be shocking and appalling, as per ever. Every time I read (the first paragraph of) one of his "articles" by mistake I consider deleting my AI bookmark and going back to macrumors.I like the other writers, as a rule, more than the macrumors writers, though.
I use Win7 for a handful of non-OSX apps. I don't want to upgrade my alternate-OS until those apps force the issue. Of course, when I update HW I have to buy a new license, anyway, so Win 8 will have its day. I doubt a whole lot of power users hang on to HW for more than 3 years (you might have some kind of disparity in your laptop/desktop upgrade cycle, if you use one way more than the other, but even then 3 years is pushing it; I'd guess your average user isn't...
For the sake of anecdotal info, I bit the bullet and updated a 2011 Macbook Air 11" which is connected via dvi to an Asus VG248XE. I have experienced no problems, and have tried to explore various conditions to be certain. So, if you have something similar, ~could~ be ok to update. YMMV.
So, this only affects Airplay, and not wired dual monitors? Nothing explicitly stated otherwise, but I'm currently running two monitors and don't want to screw up my setup.
"Apple doesn't do anything until Samsung does it, and then they improve on it," Oh man. A lot of AI readers are going to choke on their cheerios this morning. The rumors are neither all wrong nor all correct. The iPhone 4/4s were out of the bag before release, the iPhone 5 as well. The NFC claims are still wrong to this day (and probably others that I've forgotten.) I'd imagine that the accuracy of the rumors are a function of time, and the further away the probable...
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