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I don't intend to use the integrated Facebook features, but I've been keeping track of the battery life on my Air and it does seem slightly worse since switching to Mountain Lion. Still much, much less of an issue than that pesky wifi/wake from sleep bug from a while back.
Yeah Dick, iPhone user since early 2008, but I'm a HUGE Android fan, just on here to stir up trouble./s (for the Americans)
@ Muppetry I'll take that into consideration.
Original iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad 2, 11" Macbook Air, (pre-ordered) iPhone 5.I don't care much what Android users do, as I'm not one. All I'm saying is it gets embarrassing after a while, seeing all the insanity on Apple forums. Makes you wonder what you're a part of, and whether or not you should be.
@muppetry I'd expected to see a lot of people trading experiences regarding their attempts at ordering, to gauge where in the que they'd ended up. Instead it was this crap. I guess if you expect anything from the masses you'll be disappointed, but it seems more engaging to share an interest in a product rather than sharing a hatred for imagined detractors of that product. Guess I'm just not as good at "pretend time." Believe it or not, there are totally normal people...
It's about making it an embarrassment to be an Apple user. There's always Linux, I suppose. Android I'm not so sure about, however. Their little "tribalists" are just as vulgar.That said, I am happy with the product and not going to dodge the association on account of you sordid lot.It's like the little league dads that get wasted at games and act like douche bags. You don't quit the game because of a few morons, but you certainly wish they weren't there.
Who is "they?"Quote from this thread, please.
I love the indignant rage at all the "trolls" that have not posted a single (not ONE) comment of the 60+ thus far in this thread. Your paranoia is so pronounced that you're still railing against imagined detractors from launches that took place years ago. It must be easy to win arguments against... no one? If there WERE trolls here they would have undoubtedly conceded that the iphone 5 launch would be massive, but that it's a result of "herd instinct" and not a...
Ugh. I did Apple.com, ships in two weeks. Hopefully it will move up, but not holding my breath. :|
I know the AT&T website was a shambles for the iP4 launch, but I didn't do the 4S so it may have been better that time around. I'm going to stick with Apple, nonetheless. Hopefully it won't be as awful as last time; I think I spent a total of 5 hours staring at error messages as Apple tried to reach AT&T's servers.
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