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I remember here in Palo Alto, when I was buying my iPad 2 on launch day, a clean-cut white kid who's family is probably part of the 1% was walking around trying to sell a couple iPads to people waiting in line for $150 over MSRP, and he was even overtly rude about it, like we somehow owed it to him to buy it. I haven't the SLIGHTEST doubt in my mind that if I had related this story to you outside of this context you would have called him a "young entrepreneur" or an...
The same goes for filmmaking, literature, art, music... that's just capitalism. Also, the denominator can't really be nothingness. That would make it undefined.
I started reading AI because it was less biased than macrumors, but it really depends on the author. Most of the forum-goers seems to be foaming-at-the-mouth-rabid fanbois, however. It's like a car crash, though; you can't help but look. \
Fair enough. I guess you can't escape christmas anywhere.
I'm still mourning the death of the novel. Capitalism is a race to the bottom, in regard to refinement at least, and even in some senses specialization. You could get in a huge argument about what role the specialist plays in all of it (and there is a place for him,) but film, literature, games... when they are merely a source of income they appeal to the widest swathe of buyers first and foremost, meaning accessibility, meaning shallow and despicable; meaning Angry...
Wait, so they celebrate Christmas, just not in a Christian way... ...because they don't celebrate christmas? O.o If they have a winter holiday that involves buying crap then that is not at all the same as observing christmas. I'm an atheist, and occasionally I buy things in the month of december. I don't, however, call it "celebrating christmas."
Yeah, admitting that there are other countries, with other values, is totally anti-American. I guess when people in other countries line up to buy something those sales don't count either, yeah?
I bought a PSP and took it back a week later, since I only played with it for a few hours and lost interest. I have an iPhone 4, iPad 2, and Macbook Air, and I pretty much have at least two of these with me at all times, occasionally three. I am absolutely a fan of Apple mobile devices. That said, you Fanboi's are SOOOOOOO stupid, and SOOOOOO cheesy. Just because Sony makes a device that can do things an iDevice can't you start throwing out all this irrelevant...
You're extremely dense. Here's a little help, since Red gave your reading comprehension too much credit: "Quit reading Gruber, [or else] you'll begin to think its normal to go around behaving like an asshole." What precisely would be the problem with reading about GLBT activism? Do you have something against equality?
I think the article adequately distinguishes between HW and OS. It could also be reasonably argued that a consideration of HW marketshare and OS marketshare is justifiable in different circumstances. If you were looking at 3rd party Apps you'd consider the OS, for instance, and not be concerned with the HW manufacturer as much. There are different motivations for discussing each distribution.
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