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So, as far as I can tell... you drop $1500 for unity 4, and "included" in that price is a watered down "iOS Lite" development kit that has a subset of the tools that you may already be accustomed to using? Not sure if I've got this right, but it seems like non-news. https://store.unity3d.com/ (check out the "compare" under iOS Pro.)
Yeah, why didn't they think of this?Oh that's right. They did.
He said "Military Grade Encryption." The comment refers to the software implementation, not the hardware, which is produced by another company. The hardware is standard issue, consumer grade; you know, like the hardware the vast majority of us already have on our doors. If you want something for your security bunker, this isn't it, and the point was to say that the software does not compromise the security of the standard hardware that it is paired with.
Seems pretty neat. The crazy paranoia expressed by some of you means it just isn't for you; some people don't use email or facebook because they're freaked out about... god knows what... but for those of us without fallout shelters and tin hats this is something that makes it a little more convenient to get into your house. Once car manufacturers get on board with this type of tech we will be well on our way to doing away with keys, and instead of having a backup key...
Yeah, Jeep. That's a classy car. Their advertising is amazing! "Get the new Jeep Amuurica with Freedom Drive and our new XenophobeTrack 4 wheel drive. You will totally forget how small your penis is once you put a 10" lift on it. Promise." If you bought a car that isn't German or Japanese, you're doing it wrong.
What is this crap AI? I've been coming to this website for YEARS to get the latest news on Samsung advertisements/lawsuits and Google privacy issues, and then out of NOWHERE you have this article on Apple hardware?! I think we can all agree that this site needs to go back to what it does best; publish shrill DED articles that rant about google, for no less than 9 consecutive pages.
Inclusive or?
I had an Asus Eee for years and it was a great little piece of cheap gear. It was completely out of it's realm for any kind of content creation, and ultimately that's what makes it unlikely that the netbook will survive, since the iPad (which is useless for creation) can do most of what a netbook can do, with better battery life and a much slimmer profile, and ultrabooks can do a lot more than either in a similar form factor; that is, the cheap and low capability iPad and...
I was speaking specifically of the circumstances in Mexico, as I thought that the conversation had been restricted to that domain, and I would agree with you when you say I don't know the history, beyond that region, although I would ~guess~ that most of central/south america would be similar to Mexico, and Costa Rica would be an unusual exception, of which I can't speak without researching a bit.
And the reason for that state of things is that an ethnic minority came into the region and set up a system of law that was purely for their own benefit, that does very little to improve or enrich the lives of the general population which they exploit or ignore, depending on their interests. Now you have a massively corrupt "democracy" which fails fundamentally at giving these "criminals" a reason to abide by the laws of a society that has no concern for them; why on...
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