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It is overwhelmingly probable that the person in question is of predominantly spanish decent, and viewing "nearly all of Mexico" (that is, the ethnically non-spanish majority) as "uncivilized" is perfectly consistent with the bigotries that are prevalent within the Mexican upper-class.
I think the ~problem~ is that some xenophobes in this country fail to see how important this work force is to the functioning of our society, much in the way that the rural workforce is integral to the success of China's economy. Since arguments of morality are beyond the measure of your garden variety American, we can throw those arguments out, but securing the borders would be a death sentence for many American industries. I can't understand why people like you hate...
Although it is somewhat beneath me to engage in conversation with an illegal, I will briefly point out that this is not a separatist society, and there are many ways in which people might be here illegally that are not citizens, but either way "illegal" does not have anything to do with citizenship. Of course, if you don't register your vehicle with the DMV, every moment that you're the owner of that unregistered vehicle you're committing a crime, and actively engaged in...
Pay no attention to treacherous illegals like Apple][. There is no conceivable justification for calling one person that commits an illegal act "an illegal" while calling the rest "people." Since undocumented workers are the only thing keeping the agricultural industry in the United States functional, we need to work together to stop unAmerican freedom haters like Apple][; if you hate what makes America work, then clearly you hate America. Apple][ and illegals like...
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket, you treacherous illegal?(If being here illegally means you're an "illegal," why not apply that title to anyone that breaks the law?)I'm sick of these entitled illegals like Apple ][ complaining about undocumented workers. We should hang all of them, because they break our laws, and therefore no measure of human dignity should be afforded them, because that makes perfect sense.
(p || q) && !(p && q)Which begs the question (colloquially,) why NOT (p && q)?Logic fail.
Final ratification of 802.11n in 2009: "802.11n is an amendment which improves upon the previous 802.11 standards by adding multiple-input multiple-output antennas (MIMO). 802.11n operates on both the 2.4 GHz and the lesser used 5 GHz bands. It operates at a maximum net data rate from 54 Mbits/s to 600 Mbits/s. The IEEE has approved the amendment and it was published in October 2009.[14][15] Prior to the final ratification, enterprises were already migrating to 802.11n...
~yawn~ Ping X2? I mean, it may get a little more momentum, but I'm not terribly interested. In other news, the Apple store is down. Fingers crossed it's a TB Display update. :O
Even if that were the case, you could imagine a software solution that "refreshed" the key within certain thresholds so that it changed over time as well.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. An "under glass" fingerprint reader would be kind of neat, if it did away with the home button, and then a "home bar" could be put in its place with a UI solution that could be swiped up and down like the notification center, but otherwise it seems gimmicky.
New Posts  All Forums: