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I've heard attenuation can be painful...
If an egg shell were unbreakable it would no longer serve its primary purpose. As is, it does a fairly good job of balancing its objectives.
The research is interesting, but it really should have been said that, incidentally, this was done on an android phone. If there exists a reason that this couldn't have been achieved on an iPhone or WinPhone, the article doesn't express that (or macbook, or vaio, for that matter.)
I was going to say the same thing... Then I thought about how old it would make me sound. Every day, a little bit closer to death. Sigh.What were we talking about?
It'd be interesting to get some data points on whether or not those ship times stick, or if they are quoting conservatively. I am thinking Haswell for an upgrade, and hope it's all sorted by then.
And if you change the Magic Mouse to a track pad? And if you bump up the memory? I guess I'll go check... Any change bumps to 2-3 weeks. Even trackpad. CORRECTION: Any change to the 27in iMac bumps shipping to 2-3 weeks. Changes to the 21in bump to 7-10 days, which seems more in line with the norm, and may reflect the prioritization of the 21in, higher demand for the 27in, lower yields for the 27in, or..?
http://m.tuaw.com/2012/10/22/java-7-and-chrome-dont-play-well-together/ This covers most of the relevant information. Basically, you only need java if you NEED java, and if you do, your browser will tell you, or a specific application will (otherwise, don't install the plugin.)
Aww. I already had my heart set on blaming it on Java. Although now I get to blame it on cryptic ribbons. Thanks for the explanation.
Why does my comment have a spoiler alert? I'd blame it on java, but this is from an iPhone.
Android doesn't run a JVM. It uses java syntax back end but compiles to a custom VM for efficiency reasons, among others. So, yes, issues effecting java are distinct to systems running a JVM, but Dalvik (custom VM) has its own concerns. Any ubiquitous software will be targeted by malicious people.
New Posts  All Forums: