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You've actually endorsed lynching babies today. I bet your mom would be really proud of the kid she has raised.What's your name? My name is Dean Solecki, and I don't hide like a coward behind a username when I have something offensive to say.This is the Republican Party. Lynching babies. Wow.
I'm fairly certain this will never happen... but wouldn't it be a little cool if Apple jammed a cell radio and bigger battery in an ipod nano w/iOS 6?
Portability? It's the right idea, at least.
Spend 15 minutes reading about the history of taxes on wikipedia, then ask yourself, "How closely is human ambition correlated with tax rates?" If neither of those remedies chances to serve you as a cure, your idiocy is most likely terminal.
This article is obviously a hoax. It is a well-established fact on these forums that the only company that ever gets scrutinized for labor abuses (by those damn liberal Amuurica-Haters in the lame stream media) is Apple, and only Apple. Samsung is not Apple, ergo this article doesn't exist. We are discussing a myth, and nothing more.
Another thought on the LC on the iPad 3, though, is that it would seem a little conspicuous that the entry-level "mini" would get the new tech before the proper iPad... so maybe there is more of a case for it than against.
Could go that way. As I said, I wouldn't bet against it, but it's one less feature for the iPad 4, and it isn't likely to get many upgraders from the 3 camp. I agree, though, that Apple has done this sort of thing before, so it shouldn't be a surprise if it turns out to be true.
I think it makes some sense to tack the Mac updates onto the "mini" announcement. The updates are due, and the holiday season is fast approaching. If Apple didn't update now they would have to wait out the return period on the holiday Macs to avoid a deluge of returns, which means we'd be looking at an update at the end of January. Not sure what precedence says on the matter. On another line of reasoning, a quiet announcement for Macs on the website wouldn't get as...
I think all of it is likely enough, except the "tweaked" iPad 3. It just seems like having a single change, mid-product cycle, would alienate current iPad 3 owners without adding much value to the current product. I still wouldn't bet against it, though.
This thread is going to be retarded... Sorry to the liberals for saying retarded. And sorry to the conservatives for apologizing for saying retarded.
New Posts  All Forums: