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Maybe these tech savvy country also has mentality like those cheap-nerdy-tech-tards that bigger is better.. plus more hertz, cores, ram, open, get wow'ed on gimmick/unnecessary features, etc
 It was already fully demo'ed 3 months back at WWDC. Did you missed that?
 Short for "Touch Identification". Sounds cool than fingerprint scanning. Some people get paranoid hearing a fingerprint.
 Why would they? There should be enough reason to buy the premium over the cheap one aside from it's shell, bumped specs and a better camera. Although not this year at least, it might became standard to all in the next few years.
 He's thanking the one who provided those iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 casings. I think, you're the douchebag for over-analyzing other people. 
  He doesn't need to be the CEO. Just Senior Vice President of Car Engineering or something so he will be focused on inventing things than working as CEO like oversee everything, micro managing, negotiate with partners and carriers, etc etc. His skills and talent will get wasted being Apple's CEO. Even if he's after legacy, recognition or spotlight, he'll get that a lot working as SVP at Apple.
  Start at 4:40 mark. Sculley presented a strategy to save the company but the plan did not include Steve Jobs.  
That naming seems plausible but I prefer naming it iPhone Lite and iPhone Pro or simply iPhone and iPhone Pro.
But.. but.. this doesn't include tinkering and staring at the homescreen right? 
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