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Wait.... this seems impossible. I just read 25 pages of VERY smart people who have claimed Apple is doomed since they clearly dont know shit about what buyers want... So, who's buying all these macs?
 Well, MOSTLY because, you know, it DOESN'T HAVE NFC! :-)
What hardware have you been using it on?
Are these more betas or actual RCs?
 You're "statement" had a question mark at the end... a lot of folks would consider that a "question"... lol...   So, that's not a question? lol....
 Apparently not as quickly as some **** decides they need to keep asking the same question...
slow news day on AI, eh?   Next up will be "breaking news stories" on poorly worded Craigslist ads....
omg- this guy is hysterical.... actually now listening to the whole thing...   "They have this feature where the phone will tell you your looking at.. well... ****, i usually know what im looking at...unless its friday night ...." he is too funny= love the REAL comments....
Wow love this guy... if I wasnt enslaved by 5 contract phones to verizon, id consider switching on personality alone!
 yes, but wouldnt an Ipod that has all the same features as the 6+ (for example) be nearly the same exact price as an iphone (minus just the GSM chip)? And if so, wouldnt they need to charge an exorbitant price for it (since it cant be subsidized by a contract)?
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