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 Well, thats exactly my concern. Selfishly, I will be keeping *MY* idevices on the cutting edge, but some of the others in the household will lag a bit.
So I have a 4.7 iphone6 on the way... obviously will run ios8.   However, I also have a house full of older devices! iphone 5 (wife's phone) iphone 5s (daughters phone) iphone 4s (other daunters phone)   ipad 3 (my main iPad, waiting on air 2 to upgrade) ipad mini (wife's) ipad 2 (kids)   I know which devices it's POSSIBLE to run on, but which SHOULD it run on?   Before the rest of the family starts asking me "Hey, should I click on this update button?" - Im...
 As opposed to selling products to people that don't like Apple products? In other shocking news, the sky is blue. But to your point:You're right. And, somehow, there seems to be more of the Apple fans than last time.... go figure...
Wait... 4M pre-orders in 24 hours???? But I thought this was just a rehash of a 2012 google phone?!?!!?!?
live feed down on appletv and safari...   inauspicious start :-(
Wait!   What if they are changing the whole paradigm?   What if they have a device that will make US all bigger! That way, the current phone will SEEM smaller!???!   Oh wait, they already have that.... french fries and large chocolate frosty's....
iPad Micro
More battery life? Bigger screens? More memory?   Pffftttt.   Screw it if the back isnt pretty....   :insert eyeroll of choice:
I wont buy until I see how pretty the BACK is :eyeroll:
Ironically. those drones are built to be controlled by iphones or ipads (at least the live video portion)....
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