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Sorry, that podcast was pretty horrible, The guy was reciting details (incorrectly) and offering inane commentary, "Gold costs money" Really?
 LOL. This must be the first Apple product you've considered buying if that concept seems alien to you... :-) 
lol... Maybe because the "real thing" you're talking about isn't actually REAL yet....
Or post on Internet forums...,Oh...wait...
Yikes.... I have 3 zones (3 distinct AC units, 1 for each floor), so Id need to drop $750 for the bare bones and then another couple hundred for a few sensors per zone? Oy.
 lol... peeping in 2nd story windows? 1. They are LOUD. Unless you were running a leafblower in your bedroom (hey, whatever floats your boat :-)  ) - no one is going to have one of these amateur copters "sneak up" on them.2. I do a lot of sports photography. I have a 400mm lens (not to unusual for an outdoor sports photog) and I guarantee you I could invade your 2nd story window privacy plenty with it (much moreso that with a drone). The point is, MANY items have the...
 Ironically, its the folks that lack "vision" and/or "imagination" that generally want to ban/restrict/regulate things they don't understand. The VAST majority of people that are afraid of these "drones" (remote-controlled quad-copters) are completely ignorant of what they are and what they can do (and cant do). Some people think cameras on smart phones are dangerous and an invasion of privacy... perhaps we should bow to their illogical and hysterical opinions and get the...
I'm assuming this is an Onion story?
1. Go To CVS. FILL a shopping cart full of stuff 2. After cashier rings up your $200-$500 tab, whip out your iphone... 3. Upon learning they WONT accept NFC, refuse to provide another credit card 4. "OK, no problem. Cancel this order, Im just going to go over to Walgreens"
Wait.... this seems impossible. I just read 25 pages of VERY smart people who have claimed Apple is doomed since they clearly dont know shit about what buyers want... So, who's buying all these macs?
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