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If you're happy with iworks- than move along- nothing to see here. However, home/student users are NOT the entire market.... It's a great app, but not EVERYONE is completely served by the (admittedly elegant) but stripped-down suite.   There is a BIG segment of corporate Ipad users that have been waiting for an ipad-native office.  BTW, many of them already have office365 licenses, so this was a big (free) upgrade.   We have TONS of corporate PowerPoints that just...
Followed all directions, went to upgrade New (3rd gen) PIpad to ios6 and it failed.   Put ipad into recover mode and now trying to restore :-(
gizmodo and gdgt running pretty solid. gtgt had better pics gizmodo has better cynicism
AppleInsider live coverage? Fail.
I was trying to use my iphone4 (ios5) today while travelling. It looked like some app my daughter loaded onto her itouch pushed out to my iphone (some byproduct of a wireless sync setting gone awry). I went to delete it, and poof - ALL my user installed apps were gone! A few empty folder remained, but the only apps loaded were like weather, notepad, itunes, etc. WTH? I did a spotlight search, couldnt locate them either. Had to resync when I got home- which...
Dead on except for #5.A VERY small percentage of the market sits online and worries/predicts/argues/cares about when exactly the next version is coming out. The readership here is not a sample of the real world.
Me and my neighbors iphones were ordered in the wee hours on the 3rd, both arrived Monday.
Delivered this afternoon! Took about 2 min to activate- no gliches.... enjoying all the bars!
Did you actually follow your own link? It shows some guy who went to UPS to pickup his iphone. It doesnt INTIMATE either of the things you suggest it does: 1. If iphones will be delivered on Monday 2. That they can be activated. Actually, if you read the comments in your link, it states just the opposite- that he may not be able to activate it right away. Not that that is empiracal data either- but funny you use this as evidence.... DUH. So nice FAIL on your attempt to...
Mine is showing already arrived at my local town's FEDEX sort facility. Is there anyway to fond out from the tracking info if it's supposed to be held for 2/10 delivery? I know alot of people are showing estimated delivery dates on Monday (as I am), but I dont know that that alone necessarily means it'll arrive on that date? Anyone know how this works?
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