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Yap, but with more 3D printing with right components....
"Can't use that word- the French have already threatened to sue if it is tomorrow" But ghetto sekt....
I wonder how much smart covers (non Apple ones) they sold with all promotions they put in front of RT  
But here, in this specific program, they have two or three teachers at the time, and parents involved, so lots of authority...
NeXT stop 3D
relative performance for a child is the quality of the teacher Thank you  
It`s warranties. For most European buyers, two year warranty are required and card No is a structural part of it, since nobody pay in cash. If you consider that Amazon have most of their costumers in USA or Canada, maybe UK, you can see the difference. Apple is a global commpany, while Amazon is large book seller mostly for English speaking/reading audience.  
Prices was high for data centers without water and solar energy plants
If USA army can stash tanks there...
Once was Cingular,   now AT&T
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