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Unlike smartphones, there isn't a lower end for wearables right now. The low end on smartphones works because people need a phone. People don't need a watch, so anyone buying a 99 cent phone could care less about the wearable market. As it matures, there may be space for a low end wearable market, but it won't be anytime soon.
Oh I can't believe they cast blah blah blah.   Or they are doing blah blah blah.   Relax, it's a movie about people you had no interaction with.  Buying a Mac does not make you an expert on the companies' history.  Get over yourselves.   
Ignoring the change that Satya Nadella has brought to Microsoft is stupid.  Yes, Windows 8, Zune, Surface RT, and pretty much every product initiative under Ballmer was terrible.  But this is not the Microsoft from 5 years ago.  Nadella is listening to customers, pushing teams to come up with innovative ideas, and will probably herald a second golden age for Microsoft.  Anyone that looks at Microsoft's recent failures, under Ballmer, as the sum of what the company is...
Really?  Do you not see that you are only restating the point I made? Oh well, get your post count up...
 Do you just hang around here to get your post count up?  I ask because your posts tend to be nothing more than re-iterating what someone else said....
Long term in technology?  I think I just pissed myself.  A year from now is meaningless...
That is incredibly narrow thinking.  This watch is going to launch a wearable IT revolution.
 Tesla isn't 'outselling' anyone.  It's selling well, and maybe when they have an 'everyman' car it will compete with other brands.  But right now, it's a niche product.  Much like Apple was 13 years ago.   As for the Prius, sales declined last year.
Anand is now an analyst.  I've seen it all.
Back in Steve's day, no response would have been given. Loving Cook's approach to things.
New Posts  All Forums: