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...announced next week for Oct delivery (after they can't meet Sept delivery as promised). Oh wait, that the old Apple...
join the club: http://www.intelmactemp.com/list
...is it surprising to you that all you find on the net are complaints ? try searching Pismo too hot, or Powerbook too hot, or I don't like *anything*
...what do published Spot Prices for chips have to do with Apple who is buying chips on a daily basis..
...assuming that the Published prices have anything to do what Apple pays.
...let's hope so...
...and only US$6,995
each drive has an equal chance of failure, but rather lose 250GB than 500GB...
...seems like Apple has to come out with a top of the line greater than the 2.5GHz Quad PPC...
What makes people think that the published prices that get quoted for Intel products has anything to do with the price Apple pays? for all we know they may only get charged the price that exists after the chip has been on the market for 6-months (or some other predetermined method)... That wouldn't preclude them from reducing prices after awhile, but I'd suspect that would only happen on older models when new models come out..
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