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...so it would be cheaper to design a whole new latch and power plug ?
nuthin wrong with the G5, has gotten that way slowly as I have added more tunes. My point is I don't care how good or bad the video is on the Mini, the CPU works great....and the size is amazing. It's a great machine for what it is...
Well the mini may not have good graphics but iTunes beach balls just scrolling with my G5 2GHz Dual 4 GB Ram and it doesn't with the same set of Firewire drives on my mac mini 1.67 duo with 2 GB Ram...
...so they got better hard drives, airport, bluetooth and digital audio all for free ?
hmmm ... with optional copy protection but at minimal cost.
....remember eWorld
..don't see why they would want to get stuck with a lot of inventory when people don't like a particular choice in color.
I see it as, Well Apple here is your Dual 2GHZ chip, great deal huh, we're good eh; now here's your 2.5GHz chip but looks like you'll have to water-cool it...and your 3 GHz chip is a piece of cake, oh, did we mention you'll have to cool it with liquid Helium?...but don't worry we gonna make these nice Cell chips for ya, but MS and others are in the que in front of ya to get them...you don't mind waiting do you... Steve looks over both shoulders, looks at the IBM suits...
...amd the 300$ version mixes coctails before the shows start.
yeah and they should keep stereos out of cars and not allow kids in them either....geesh
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