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Well I hope it's G5 MP's and not cell chips their increasing on 300mm wafers...
New PB will have to be G5 if they announce in January; which means shipping in March; which gives them about 6-months more to get a G5 in a mobile... That ought to be enough time ya'd think....
some people never listen....think they call them children.
This is not a court, his point is valid, physical limitations are beginning to enter the picture...Atoms are ony so wide...Scaling up has ended scaling sideways is coming in. No doubt they will come up with some new materials and new technologies for higher speeds but commercial products are a ways off...
I'm sure they can reach +-3.5GHz on PPC test machines with big heatsinks. Probably get to 4 GHz if they cool them with liquid helium...8)
Well, IBM was going for 10 GHz at the start of all this die-shrinking....Guess they forgot about physics (at least the marketing department did) IBM Going to 10GHz
What technology is IBM suppose to buy to fix "Their" problem? You mean someone has something better that will work with the 970 design?
Not sure what speed they will be but all is headed towards dual-core deigns. Freescale embedded chips look good for a powerbook (iBook) but can they deliver. A single dual 9XX core from IBM may be a good powerbook chip even at reduced voltage...Delivery time for IBM dual-core?
Says it stil has 200 MHz FSB... whoopee.
Exercise is good, I'd get a Lapzilla...8)
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