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now you're talking, two 23" displays
Who wants 3 GHz, i want dual-core dual-processor (2.5 GHz is fine) with space for FOUR HD'ssss
doesn't anyone else upload stuff at 60KB/s download at a 100 and move 20GB around different drives at the same time...try that with a single processor for fun
You jest, I'm sure...
I'll take one...Specs anywhere?
...so you build this $1200 POS windows box and in a couple months when you want something different (to keep up with the Jone's) this old box is worth $50. Meanwhile ya could have bought a refurb Mac for ±2G's and it would be worth $1700 after a couple of months. Let's see, which would I choose....
but does he need to qualify the statement with I went to college...whoopee, what does that have to do with how well separation is... are there not more sophictcated methods to determine the effectiveness of stereo separation. Might as well had a high school student write the article...
they must be good speakers the guy that wrote the article went to stereo school and says they're good. "The physics are pretty cool," says Kay. "The sound waves from the left and right don't interfere with each other," as might be expected, since they're emanating from the same panel. "I was a music-major undergrad," he adds, "and the stereo effect is really very good."
I assume you mean the Cal Bears
You don't have to explain yourself, thanks for the info. Let's hope Apple gets back on track. They have a lot of things on their plate to update. A daunting task, I'm sure.
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