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No wonder Sprint is lousy with their infrastructure. They can't even get a map correctly. And I like Ben Carson but that joke was still funny.
Apple is anti competitive over books but this is okay? How is this not anti competitive? Wow.
RIP. God bless you and your family.
Another good read. Really enjoy these. Thank you.
This was really enjoyable. Thank you for another terrific article. Love this stuff.
The government did it for Fannie Mae and the auto industry, why not these guys do it for themselves to? It's disgusting. The top guy already ripped off the company by selling his stock before he followed through with the bankruptcy. That should've been insider trading fraud.
Interesting article. Thank you.
I haven't seen this until now so if you are so knowledgeable and current, post to those sites and quit wasting your time here.
I could care less about his choice. He's a great CEO. But having to publicly announce it does nothing but draw unwanted attacks to the Apple Ban because of this. It was always obvious that he was gay. And it didn't matter. But now after this, he puts Apple in a spot where organizations and groups may avoid large product purchases because of this. Because in the real world, no one is going to start buying apple because he's gay. But haters will definitely avoid apple...
Worst network EVER. Been with them from 1990s and looking forward to getting my Verizon iPhone 6 next week I hope.
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