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Nice article. Really enjoyed reading it.
How can you say that they aren't crooks or frauds? Insider trading is illegal. It's that simple. There's the proof that they are crooks and frauds.
McCain is an idiot. So are the other US officials. They can't fix their own crap with our tax laws but they're going to dictate what others do with tax laws in other countries. That is the stupidest most absurd thing I've heard yet. Why do people constantly reelect these morons. They have no desire to help their own country. Just their own pockets. I'd like to know her all of McCain's bank accounts are located. I bet there's one at least outside of the US border.
Bet he doesn't own blackberry or Nokia phones. Interviewer should have asked him to pull out his phone and show us what he's using. Bet he watches his porn on an iPhone.
The next big thing is already here%u2026 Samsung to announce their all new Phabtop. It's a phone, it's a tablet, and it's a laptop. 13" screen size that curve around your head.
All he sees is a large tablet phone. Nothing else. So to him, samscum was there a year ago. He's delusional.
With Apple putting so much money into it TSMC, they should be able to update their chips to the 14nm very easily. There getting way more and money to work with now. This is good news. Go Apple.
Is there any other judge existing in the state of California?
If you play the video and let it continue it goes through the three ads, and then the college girl whose so excited about having the Surface. How much was she paid to keep raising her eyebrows over and over and over and over and over and over%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026and over again. Oh my GOD, I didn't hear a word she said after a while because I couldn't get my attention away from the goofy eyebrow thing.
Who gives a F*#K. Keep sending those dividend checks you wonderful brilliant CEO of a man!
New Posts  All Forums: