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I love how everyone wants to make money off apple devices but no one wants apple to see a dime either. And without apple, they would be making nothing. Apple made it possible, I see it only fair they get a percentage for making it all possible on their device.
Another good read.
Nice timing. I just finished filling three large dumpsters with old apple products going back to the early 80s that were filling a storage area that I needed to lease out. Probably could've gotten a $20 gift card for all those Apple II and Mac SEs.
Looks like a paper shredder & trash can in one. I like that. Need one of those.
Another terrific article. Definitely a keeper.
Another good read. Well done.
Like other MS demos, a crash in demonstrations. Consistent with all other demos. I love those parts of their presentations. It's so funny. Texting while driving is way safer than trying to get the OS in dash to reboot or fix itself while the person is driving.
I saw a clear winner. Samsuck had several efforts to unlock with fingerprint. It wasn't as simple. How can there not have been a clear winner? Stupid video. I saw a winner.
wigby 03/29/2014 03:27 PM Next up, Samsung will demonstrate how Thomas Edison's patents are invalid. (they are thinking of copying his lightbulb) The Light bulb is round and you can't patent round objects.
Another great article to read. I like in depth looks like this. Great article. Thank you.
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