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Tim Cook for President!
Looks like a beer ad that needs the slogan%u2026 I don't always buy stock, but when I do%u2026 I buy AAPL
Did Microsoft ever have a monitor they paid an exorbitant amount to during their Internet Explorer debacle? I doubt it.
If their platform is so awesome, why do they insist on working on iOS crap. And always finding a way to bypass paying apple for using their platform. Google sucks tail pipe which is why Wall Street loves to keep pushing such a crappy company higher and higher in the market.
monkey see monkey do
I love my phone more than I lose a key. This is definitely not for me.
Breaks my heart seeing that ass eric sh!t on stage knowing what he did now.
NSA should be held to the same standard as a hacker that hacks into any government agency. Eye for an eye.
Is South Korea devoid of Apple products?
1. Surface 2 2. Surface 3. Windows 8 4. Metro 5. Awesome Windows 8 Metro 6. Nokia with Metro %u2026%u2026 8. Walker guy 9. Nelson Mandela 10. iPhone 5S %u2026 101. Galaxy Search results for year provided by Bing Search.
New Posts  All Forums: