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Someone is sure proud of those hairy arms. Lots of hairy arm pictures.
Just use that cash hoard to obliterate scamsuck, please. In memory of Steve. Just do it already.
LOL @ macinthe408
Just love the RC refs. Never in my mind could I have made those connections.
Another terrific article worth my time in reading. Well done.
With iPod Touches being as much as a damn phone, my old iPhone is my kids new iPod Touch. With a google phone number free on wifi, she uses that to talk to family and friends and it stores a lot of songs and movies on it's 64GB drive. I'm sure all those phones are definitely not being wasted.
Tim Cook for President!
Looks like a beer ad that needs the slogan%u2026 I don't always buy stock, but when I do%u2026 I buy AAPL
Did Microsoft ever have a monitor they paid an exorbitant amount to during their Internet Explorer debacle? I doubt it.
If their platform is so awesome, why do they insist on working on iOS crap. And always finding a way to bypass paying apple for using their platform. Google sucks tail pipe which is why Wall Street loves to keep pushing such a crappy company higher and higher in the market.
New Posts  All Forums: