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Looks like a beer ad that needs the slogan%u2026 I don't always buy stock, but when I do%u2026 I buy AAPL
Did Microsoft ever have a monitor they paid an exorbitant amount to during their Internet Explorer debacle? I doubt it.
If their platform is so awesome, why do they insist on working on iOS crap. And always finding a way to bypass paying apple for using their platform. Google sucks tail pipe which is why Wall Street loves to keep pushing such a crappy company higher and higher in the market.
monkey see monkey do
I love my phone more than I lose a key. This is definitely not for me.
Breaks my heart seeing that ass eric sh!t on stage knowing what he did now.
NSA should be held to the same standard as a hacker that hacks into any government agency. Eye for an eye.
Is South Korea devoid of Apple products?
1. Surface 2 2. Surface 3. Windows 8 4. Metro 5. Awesome Windows 8 Metro 6. Nokia with Metro %u2026%u2026 8. Walker guy 9. Nelson Mandela 10. iPhone 5S %u2026 101. Galaxy Search results for year provided by Bing Search.
Who the hell trusts this?!? If they can't be trusted with us just surfing the web, who expects to give them their credit card info? This is just too funny and even funnier for those that would trust and use it. I'm not touching this with a ten-foot pole.
New Posts  All Forums: