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Thanks Apple Security for helping adobe fix their problems on other systems and browsers. One less feature Apple will have over the other crap software. It's what made a mac better for sure.
pull it and leave it. Apple created their ecosystem to make money. NO developer should develop an app on Apple's system that avoids paying apple or competes with their music sales. Apple is in a business to make money, not let other people use their network to avoid apple. That's ridiculous.
Methane is a natural gas and 100% renewable. /s Great video.
I don't like the new ui either but had to do it for the radio. Like 6 much better.
I think I found a snippet of video on this but I may be wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZztC7xwLB8
Love articles like this. Great job.
 Funniest shit I've read in a long time.  Great job man.  You Funny Fo ReelZ.  Thanks for the laugh today.
End of year should show payout to Delta by MS and another 9Million write off for Surface 2 products unsold. This is nuts. MS throwing cash I'm sure to influence Delta. Just like they did with Rockstar to get Grand Theft Auto onto Xbox. Same with Final Fantasy. The question now is%u2026 Can MS afford to buy ALL the airline companies?
This crap means nothing to me. Living in Southwest U.S., all we get stuck with are a bunch of channels on the AppleTV menu that just take up space and serve us no use. Let us delete this stuff already.
Don't see google on that list but there stock continues to rise and sits around $900 a share. Man, google must have been OF THE CHARTS and way more profitable than any of those on the list. Atleast, that's what investors must think.
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