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Turn by turn added because they were put out in the cold. It's only there to entice us iOS users back to it. They screwed all iOS users before since they were a default. How can any iOS user flock back to them now? We had a movie theater here in town that was the only theater for years. Charged outrageous for stuff and didn't even offer a free refill on your drink. Charged you a full $4 for a refill because that was the drink price. Then a new theater opens here...
Apple should just use that huge cash hoard to buy patents from anywhere and everywhere so no asses can continue to buy up a patent and then sue others like these patent trolls. I find that a great investment. They could license them free or for a penny but atleast they would be out of the hands of the patent trolls and would add more value to the company's stock price.
You keep buying everthing they make. What's expected? I like my products American made by union workers pissed off and striking for being expected to work.
Apple's Maps are absolutely fine for me and I see no need for this. F off google. Vector baesd because of Apple once again paving the way. I don't like copy cat apps. Just like I don't buy copy cat phones. Apple all the way for me.
Absolutely hilarious for all the iPhone 5 cry babies out there.   http://www.cultofmac.com/195831/slow-clap-this-hilarious-snl-sketch-puts-your-iphone-5-complaints-in-perspective-video/
Saw these on cultofandroid.com.  Most the stuff on that site is stupid but this is the funniest video parodies I've seen yet for the maps app from Apple.  I love the maps and I have had no problems with the App from Apple but I still have a sense of humor and these are funny.  The shining one not so much but the first two are hilarious I...
I absolutely agree.  I don't like the photo share at all.  The Gallery was just AWESOME.  family could access it easily and it had the RSS feed so family knew their were updates.  It worked flawlessly I think and should surely be resurrected.
Samsung just cannot stop "designing and innovating" to save their own arses.   http://www.cultofandroid.com/16884/att-to-play-the-guinea-pig-with-4g-samsung-galaxy-camera/     This is exactly what Apple was talking about that people want a refrigerator and a toaster but not in one device.  But if this sells, I guess it will be to the owners that have their toasters mounted into their refrigerators. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
And this couldn't have been done without flash before for iOS?!? Of course not because that wouldn't have helped to sell android phones. Google will roll out ALL the features now that it HAS to do so to get back some of those millions of users lost that upgraded to iOS 6. Google wasn't helpless, they just continued to use us iPhone people to further themselves while putting their efforts into the android knock-off.
Atleast Apple will admit something is crap and do away with it. Unlike Google+, UltraViolet digital movies, etc.
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