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Don't see google on that list but there stock continues to rise and sits around $900 a share. Man, google must have been OF THE CHARTS and way more profitable than any of those on the list. Atleast, that's what investors must think.
QUOTE: Ben A. Reitzes, Barclays iOS 7 appears to be driving sales of new iPhones, while sales numbers are even more encouraging due to iPhone 5s supply constraints. Target: $525.00 Rating: Overweight "We find it interesting that Apple is also positively revising its guidance while the quarter is still about a week away from closing. We do not recall this type of pre-announcement ever happening and it seems that it implies a message from management that the company is...
Investors want cheaper iPhones. iPhone users want Great iPhones. Nice to see my stock is back up after those dumb asses keep knocking the need for apple to play cheap like Samsuck.
I always enjoy articles like this one. Good job.
THE NEXT BIG THING IS HERE! I taped 2 samsung phones together and have 64 bit processing. Thanks samsung. I want to be in the commercial next.
Maybe Apple should investigate China Labor Watch for being the leak of all their product stuff out of China. They are inside everywhere "investigating" and "reporting".
That looks like a crappy cheap phone screwed down to a wrist band. Not worth 2 cents.
Pretty damn cool. Now show me how the app will get me 50 MPG.
Nice google glass ad placement at the start.
I can see this as true and a great ad against apple. I hate my iPhone 4S camera. I still carry a sony camera for pictures because they just look sooooo much better. But I love my iPhone. I don't believe in one product for everything. That's why I have a sony camera along with the best PHONE made.
New Posts  All Forums: