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"Interestingly, the Kindle Fire has seen a bump in web content engagement, as users spend 79 percent more time per page visit compared to iPad users." Probably because the touch interface gets stuck and these people take longer to get the information they are looking for. And the iPad users are satisfied and done with the webpages quicker.
Backordered, the new iPhone 5X, .3GHz faster than the previous iPhone 5.
Because they didn't give a shite about iOS users until they were rendered unnecessary.  They used us for data and now that all of us are gone, they will push out whatever works immediately to get us back.  I WON"T by into this Google crap anymore.  I won't use their street view or web app.  Apple's Map app is working fine for me and I've been using it alot for directions and haven't had ONE problem YET!  It works for me and I'm happy to give Apple my Map support.
By by google maps. I'm happy to be patient with Apple Map app and see where it goes. Very happy to have a free turn-by-turn navigation app that's Apple's own creation.
Steve Jobs would have NEVER allowed this to happen. This is the world without Steve. What a nightmare that's happening.
I'm glad my tip is being useful to others.  I'm curious how many hits the main page gets vs. the archive page now.  lol
That was awesome. Hilarious. Get that woman onstage for the next WWDC to introduce some new products.
With the Archive View page, this is how wonderful it looks.…  
Shame that Canada tops out with a 62GB iPhone while America get's the 64GB. Yeah USA. :-?
Agreed.  Google would be sitting great financially riding Apple's iOS and iPhone tails if they weren't so greedy to go head to head.  They would have been in a WAY BETTER position being Apple's Best Friend and Apps go-to-person.   Wonder how nice that future would have been.
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