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I can see this as true and a great ad against apple. I hate my iPhone 4S camera. I still carry a sony camera for pictures because they just look sooooo much better. But I love my iPhone. I don't believe in one product for everything. That's why I have a sony camera along with the best PHONE made.
This has nothing to do with apple's business and as a shareholder, I feel this is detrimental to apple. I'm indifferent to the Supreme Court decision but for Apple to be issuing statements and comments on the issue will only piss off potential customers that are against this. I see religious schools choosing not to buy iPads for their students because of Apple being viewed in their eyes as a supporter of sin. Stay out of this crap and do what you do best%u2026 create,...
When you stupid bastards make laws with loopholes for your personal friends in business, don't condemn someone who will use your laws against you. If the law leaves a loophole that will let me shoot someone for breaking into my house, then I'm shooting the fool that breaks into my house. Don't come after me later for shooting the fool. You write the laws. If you don't like it then change it. My house has my laws. When my kids find the loophole, I damn well make...
Love good reading like this. Great work.
sprint service sucks ass and it's signal quality is horrible. Siri does not work on the network anywhere I try in New Mexico and i'll be another loss for them as soon as my contract is up in October. And my wife with her iPhone so make that 2 more losses.
How can this be a Steve Jobs flick and it's in Flash only!?!
I've been a DJ back in the vinyl days and I must say this new technology for mixing now is incredible but it's also very advanced. I'm left in my old ways unable to progress because to me it is so confusing what works with what and how it works at all. I guess I'm finally old enough to say "I'm too old for this stuff".
Where does all this money go that they collect for this stuff like Google's big payment?  I didn't see a dime of it for my information being abused.
I would LOVE to buy $500 value stock for $7. What bullshit.
I'm happy with my Wii U streaming COD BO2 to my gamepad. No need for this. Nintendo beat you to this one. But it will be nice for the dedicated PC gamers I think.
New Posts  All Forums: