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Apple can't do that.WebKit comes from KTHML, which is licensed under LGPL. So, everyone can use it and even fork it (WebKit itself is a fork), but the code must always be released publicly under LGPL.By the way, WebKit does already "include HTML5". It's probably the engine that supports it better, at the moment...
Agree.By the way, monopolies are not *necessarily* wrong. I'm having my Microeconomics exam next week! So I think I know what I'm saying In particular, all patents create a sort of monopoly, which is good because it promotes innovation. But it's a temporary monopoly: sooner or later, all patents do expire, and the technology becomes free for everyone.
Who cares if H264 is not open?? I am an end-user, and I don't. Unless they ask me to pay for it (and they are not).I prefer to have a "closed" codec, if it's better in quality (WebM may be a good one, but it's still a H263 codec... a generation older!) and hardware support.I am a web developer: to pay for my university I make web sites. I think the removal of H264 is just going to generate more disorder. I was hoping HTML5 could finally make our lives easier (e.g. by...
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