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its called "driver release" and its O.K. and it depends on your neighborhood. if you dont get it and the dont have a sig. then they are S.O.L. not you UPS wont do any thing over $1000 that way.
would it be that crazy for apple to farm out chipset design and production to nvidia like for future imacs and emacs? if it saved them cash. if nvidia will develop it for athons sell complete MB's with geforce 4mx's 10/100 ddr usb2.0 firewire etc for $110 retail they might be able to do it profiatably for apple. as it is now I think the farm out chipset production to smalller companys.
'some of you guys dont get the post -sram is faster than ddr sdram wich is faster than sdam. but I doubt it makes any diff.
maybe they should call it cyberdoog 2.
Apple needs a faster web browser for that matter file browser period since no one else seems able to make one may apple should? PC are way faster on the internet period, maybe it cause java sucks on a mac anyone know? I am tired of getting boged down on ebay...
Boot into OS 9 drag all the contents of your renamed folder into the newly generated one that should fix it right?
yea get 2 sell one to me and keep both monitors.
yes, but it may be better to find a cheap PCI card depending on you needs.
the 970 should start @ 1800 they are giving out 1200 specs for power use only.
you can get it to run on a 7200 or catalyst powercomputing clone but thats a wierd upgrade card so I think OS X would see you 601 and it wont run on a 601.
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