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I also wouldn place to much value on L3 cache on the slower processors the first 733 had a DDR L3 and it is barely faster than the "neutered" 733.
[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: Why wouldn't 9.1 run on either of those machines? Is Apple really that obtuse?
no, its all about system enablers and newer hardware and supporting it
The APPLE ROM did prevent CLONING New world macs still have them there just smaller and very basic. I think there were many early Apple rip-offs 2,2c,2c+ etc.(non mac).
the 7000 is cheaper ! uses sdr ram. for gaming the real radeon has 3 rendering piplines while the 7000 has one. I suspect a slower clock speed for the 7000 as it is not published-but it does have 2 monitor support. the nexus has on board analog video capture wich jacks up the price. also the time it was made jacks up the price.
G4's are still hardly any more useful except for a few (5-6) things. Whats the point of this benchmark? its like running a floting point benchmark on a 68k machine with no FPU and comparing it to one that has one. comparing it to G3 cass machines is, well whats the point? Oh and my G4 gets 1316 and my G3 gets 353 but any other benchmark my G3 is faster oh wait my G3 is faster.
dude you should have paid a few bucks more for a real radeon for gaming IMHO. radeons have 3 rendering pipelines and 7000's have 1. since it doesnt work send it back. does it work O.K. in 9?
right now more than a few X apps. have to be installed in classic not to metion firmware updates etc. ..........
tom's hardware has a full report about a P4 OC'd fine to 3.1 Ghz it is impresive the new ones have a 512k L2 they do smear Athlons now. I fear this means the Mhz gap will continue to grow not to say it matters or intel makes better but they do overclock well a friend of mine has a 533 celeron to 1066 and that shit amazes me.
[quote]Originally posted by Bogie: [QB]Actually, you are not really much better off with a Radeon than with a Rage128 in a PCI slot.
I looked at the bearfeats site an it showed the PCI radeon 31% faster on Quake and 25% faster at UT compared to an AGP rage 128 pro wich is faster than pci version. I think there are 2 clock speeds for PCI rage 128 but no Pro's dif. being heatsink/ no heatsink. and i belive that there were rage 128 AGP's and rage 128 pro...
[quote]Originally posted by janitor: the 7000 and mac edition are the same, except the 7000 has dual display support in addition to all the outputs present in the original mac edition (flat panel display, svideo tvout) retail the 7000 is $50 more- both are compatible with either 66 or 33mhz pci slots, but like i said before, if you dont have a 66mhz pci slot the performance boost you see may be disapointing [ 01-20-2002: Message edited by: janitor...
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