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No Way Freakin way- :eek: current range Canadian range is $1199- 2299cdn. or $799- 1499 U.S. you think you gona get a G4 imac with superdrive and an LCD for ~1299 U.S. ? it would be nice but dream on. [ 01-07-2002: Message edited by: bernard ]

I think I'll start worring about 8X AGP when a 2X AGP is satureated. much less 4X.
on a large network 4 hub 60 nods do they(hubs all are10/100) have to be connected buy a switch? all computers are 100Mb if so what is the maximum distance for hub to switch I have read dif. things my guess is 100meters hub to hub is28 meters maybe a good link on this thanks.
IBM "sahara" (4stage 512L2 256bit ) is likey to BLOW past G4 7450's at similar clock speeds, in non Altivec stuff (not that there is much) should do alot for notebooks less power and way more speed. if G4's haven't scaled well? we may not see em for a while. whatever it is it better be good. G4s-same case (needs sound input come on) 866,933,1000 all get some kind of cheaper GF3 imacs-???case GF2mx 733,800,866 or 700,800,900 if no new board ibook 600,700 ti...
I read the 750fx would use 1.2v on 1Ghz thats gona be a kick ass ibook chip(or ti book). with a full 256bit 512k , 4 stage, 1Ghz-should cream a desktop running any G4<1.2Ghz on non altivec apps.
They may have the highest margins but they also have way higher R&D than any other computer companies. period. let see Dell, compaq, H-P oh wait those two are having trouble making enuff profit to stay in business. So we will stick with Dell -they build computers and sell them thats it never did one dam thing for computers take away Dell from the world what have you got more gateways. take away apple OMG who knows. you know who has the highest profit microsoft lets see...
[quote]Depends on what speed of connections the computers are on.. the speed of the processor.. and whether or not they are getting it from the cache or not. My 350mhz G3 renders pages just as fast and my roomates 400mhz P2
you must have dial up. My first PC I got a month ago is a 333 dell P2 and it is faster than my 450 G4 on a 1.2Mbps down line kind of a bummer. but really why are the slower it has to be the rendering engine. this site is a great...
OVERPRICED=volkswagon,porche,audi,bwm,mercedes,vol vo etc. I can get a brand new Honda for way less,breaks down less lasts longer, and maintains its value. guess what many volkswagon,porche,audi,bwm,mercedes,volvo are sold in this country just tell what MP3 player is cooler than the ipod anyway? [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: bernard ]

If they do appear or are announced expect the clock speed for Apple to have room to grow, for sales reasons dont expect 1.6Ghz right of the bat. My guess is like the every high end machine in the past: higher clock speed G4's with a G5 anouncement that it will ship in 6 weeks. G5 will be expesive so will SOI G4's at first.
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