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Roughly Drafted has become my rare delicacy (especially since posts have come to a halt). I loved your video posts. Miss you and hope you get to post on your blog sooner rather than later.
I use my dashboard a lot to get a quick snapshot. I love it like I love the Notifications center on my iOS. I use it the same. But with Lion dashboard became relegated to that awful background of grey. I started to feel depressed about using Dashboard. That grey veil would shut out everything in the background and I felt shut away from my tasks. Your article with the one hint about how to return the background back to Tiger days was the highlight of my evening as I...
"Those people aren't important to Apple's bottom line and Apple should never pursue that demographic." I’ve been a poor Apple geek from 1991 on. I have scrimped and saved and for awhile lived off used outdated Apple devices. Just so I could experience it! All I have to ask you is “fascist much?” I am in that “demographic” yet I appreciate beauty. Don’t deny beauty. And also don’t cattle crowd your fellow man into a “demographic”. There is allot of beauty to be...
Eran is a doll! Leave him alone…More video re-caps Eran! Good to see you back in action after your accident!
Personally I am amazed at what my upgrade to Lion has been to my aged late 2007 MacBook. Before upgrading to Lion I also upgraded to 6GB of RAM and a new 7200rpm 500GB hard drive. I got a little boost under Snow Leopard but after I completed my upgrade to Lion I was blown away at how much faster my lil baby ROARED! It was like I had bought a new machine! I LOVE LION!
Restored lasr week and still the glitches are there.
I have been experiencing the quirky graphics bug that was in ios 4.3 for my ipod touch 4g. I have had this lil guy for less than a month and of course updated the software immediately… prior to the update it worked like a charm. I had bought this to replace a unit that was stolen last summer and was so excited that once I synced with itunes I had my ol pal back with folders and pages intact just as I had organized them. that was magic! But since updating software I...
New Posts  All Forums: