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Without arguing for or against an eraser end cap, it strikes me that the lightning connector could have provided power and communications with an active cap. I'd also like to be able to tap the pen on an end cap absent mindedly a few times (as I do with a real pencil, active end cap not necessary though) and have Siri come up and ask, "penny for your thoughts?"  (Okay, I should get out more often.) Edit: have read more of the thread now and note similar comments.
Getting that just right would be an interesting achievement. Lifetime of the tip would be reduced (I'd guess).
Palm rejection that 'just works' must be the deal maker.  Saw my first Pro 'in the flesh' yesterday and to use a much hackneyed expression, was shocked at its size. Pencils have long been my friends, looking forward to experiencing Apple's pencil and iPad Pro (currently a first gen user).
Thank you. 
Living on the opposite side of the world, I'd been missing the video updates, nice to catch up. Looking forward to the next.
"One ring to rule them all" - amazed no one has written this yet!
Are advertisements in Apple News capable of tracking the reader or of placing cookie-like code on an iPhone?
The trees too could serve practical, beneficial purposes. They might help in noise mitigation, improve humidity levels, increase feelings of ease and calm, improve Apple's green credentials (okay, had to add that lol) and introduce beneficial lighting effects (dappled light). They seem to be restricted to a specific zone. This could be achieved by other, built means, however, an interesting touch. I've seen trees used early in some mall developments, only to be removed...
Oh, what wicked fun we'll have. Transcript of a conversation I just had with Siri:   "Hey Siri, call my girlfriend."   'What is your girlfriend's name?'   "Siri."   'Hello, what can I do for you?'   "Call my girlfriend."   'What is your girlfriends name, first and last names?'   "Siri Apple."   'Here is what I found for Siri Apple.' (Displays local Apple store details.) 'Do you want me to save (local Apple store) as your girlfriend?'   "NO!" (I happen to...
New Posts  All Forums: