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"One ring to rule them all" - amazed no one has written this yet!
Are advertisements in Apple News capable of tracking the reader or of placing cookie-like code on an iPhone?
The trees too could serve practical, beneficial purposes. They might help in noise mitigation, improve humidity levels, increase feelings of ease and calm, improve Apple's green credentials (okay, had to add that lol) and introduce beneficial lighting effects (dappled light). They seem to be restricted to a specific zone. This could be achieved by other, built means, however, an interesting touch. I've seen trees used early in some mall developments, only to be removed...
Oh, what wicked fun we'll have. Transcript of a conversation I just had with Siri:   "Hey Siri, call my girlfriend."   'What is your girlfriend's name?'   "Siri."   'Hello, what can I do for you?'   "Call my girlfriend."   'What is your girlfriends name, first and last names?'   "Siri Apple."   'Here is what I found for Siri Apple.' (Displays local Apple store details.) 'Do you want me to save (local Apple store) as your girlfriend?'   "NO!" (I happen to...
 I watched the keynote on my 6. Every time that Phil Schiller said "Hey Siri", well, you guessed it, Siri on my phone came up awaiting my input. 
My immediate thought too. I'll be purchasing. I'd like to see Mathematica on it, even just a shell. Apps can be written for the watch under Mathematica - http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/2015/04/instant-apps-for-the-apple-watch-with-the-wolfram-language/  
 Sorry, couldn't help myself!   
My only concern (that I have dwelt on at least), is keeping data out of the hands of insurance companies. I wouldn't want to see people discriminated against. Of course, these companies might not actually need to see the data, only assert, in the process of dishonouring a claim, that a client withheld information. 
  Possibly quite innocent then?
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