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Google showing its true colours?
 Thanks for your reply. I too suspect, without specific information, that a compromised e-commerce site was likely the problem. I made purchases at sites that I hadn't used previously just before the fraud began. (No jailbroken iOS devices here.) All the best.
I have recently been defrauded on a credit card. Anyone aware of any remotely accessible key loggers currently under OS X or iOS? ApplePay can't come soon enough. (My bank is refunding the entire amount.)
What's the story with versions of small footprint LINUX such as on the Raspberry Pi that are being released currently, is any of them an RTOS? All the best.
Exactly. This is the problem that Samesung has created for itself, having emulated Apple's product inside and out, what now to differentiate it? Not the operating system, services, functionality... why buy second best, which a copycat can only hope to be.
My iPhone has a case. Can still take nice pictures though... at least I think they are nice.  
Are you referring to MEMs devices or their associated circuitry, or some other circuit types?
 Exactly, a sure sign. Can only say that my wife and adult daughter love theirs. They particularly like the intimacy the watch provides, both in their respective daily activities and also connectivity. All the best.
  Almost didn't follow this post by A.I. as I expected comments to be largely blind vitriol. Pleased to be surprised by reason. :-)
Enjoying the aerial tours AI, keep them coming.  
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