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Troxler's fading - love it.    We perceive the world visually via an eye-brain system. Together they do remarkable things, such as filling in missing or incomplete information but can be tricked too by the drive to make sense of the world. A bit like people in general really. 
I'll bet that all of the necessary facilities are in place to service a central tower, if it ever comes to that. Imagine Apple ten times bigger that now.  
Was intending to stay with my 5 for another year but misadventure a couple of weeks ago forced me to think again... poor old 5, loved it. I jumped to a 6 Plus and the result... brilliant! My hands are bigger than average and I can reach the whole screen in single-handed mode and so the size isn't an issue from that perspective. I'm a road cyclist however and the phone is snug in my back pocket (but won't allow the Apple headphone connector). Time will tell but I'm already...
Apparently, there's a conspiracy forming to slow Apple down by flooding stores. Good luck with that...  
Where I live, pedestrians utterly rule in bicycle/pedestrian interactions, even on so-called dual-use facilities where the cyclist is a virtual non-entity. I ride on roads largely to avoid self-righteous pedestrians (and their dogs who also rule and glass and poor design and poor maintenance and no oversight). The pedestrian is (almost) inevitably an utter pain and so, sadly, the pervasive use of cameras will have almost no effect pedestrian behaviour, nor attitudes,...
Pushed your button  I ride by the rules and motorists largely do too in my experience. The cyclist is inevitably on the receiving end and so, yes, the pervasive use of cameras will change behaviour, if not attitudes, toward cyclists. Safe wheelin'. Caveat - '...and motorists largely do too in my experience'... speed not included! 
Bad behaviour thrives on anonymity... a revolution is taking place in many societies where anonymity in public is less and less a given. Good and bad consequences no doubt but for some activities such as cycling, a favourite of mine, small high definition cameras are paying off.   Best wishes for 2015 to all.  
 Thanks for an informative reply.  
This from a press conference today. Does anyone know how accurate these claims are? Too early to know? Posted on http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/04/nvidia-announced-tegra-x1-with-maxwell-gpu/    
 Apple made USB popular because Steve could see the trajectory it was on long before PC manufacturers could. However, Auxio is correct that Firewire is technically (vastly) superior to USB, providing full peer-to-peer communications that can be implemented in a low-resourced, peripheral environment whereas USB is master-slave. If I had the time to comment on your earlier posts I would, as some of your claims have fact and fiction well and truly intertwined. All the best.
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