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    There needs to be a percentage attributed to iOS or some readers wouldn't know that Apple's mobile OS exists, the number puts Apple 'on the board' lol.
As the whole purpose of Android is to make (hypothetical) buyer me the product, then in my book, Android itself is malware. The 79% figure is an underestimate.
  Just tried the chat version, very helpful. Received a case number for re-opening if necessary and an emailed transcript. :)
  Ballmer watching Ballmer... now that is frightening.   Sorry to see him go, a colourful and for Apple, successful, era bites the dust.
  I don't know of anyone disappointed with the iPhone 5. ...'masses of people'... B.S.
  Very few metals look as (pure) gold, the colour of which results from the arrangement of valence electrons and apparently, relativistic effects (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold). This diagram from Wikipedia illustrates. A gold plated finish would look spectacular but anything else, less so. Gold finish is very popular in parts of the world, whether another finish with the appearance of gold will hold up is yet to be seen.    
  Those days are long gone unfortunately. 
  Apple has been working on a system, reported here previously, that employs a (probably) thinner but longer connector, approaching perhaps the existing digital port in size, which of course is considerably thinner. 
  Robotics has changed dramatically, manufacturing practices world-wide and this combined with 3D technologies and others will transform industry out-of-sight. However, the 'number 1' reason given in the graphic is hiring and other practices. Japan started the transformation in manufacturing by reducing or eliminating middle management. Companies gave much greater control over a particular workplace to workers on the floor, who reported directly to management higher up...
  AT&T Bell Laboratories licensed the transistor to Sony in the early 1950's, which then introduced consumer electronics to the world. Sony had existed for less than a decade at this point. What Tim Cook was really saying was that 'the consumer electronics production world was really never here', American (teenage) consumers however, allowed the industry to take off. With the advent of the transistor, we will have witnessed in our lifetimes one of the greatest revolutions...
New Posts  All Forums: