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 Very nice, I must try that sometime. :-)
 Do you know what OS the Xiaomi Mi3 employs? Why is it with these tech writers that Apple (only) should be afraid? (I'm sure there is a reason, there always is.)
 Don't understand your post, sorry. Is SpaceX reinventing or duplicating? Well, the aren't reinventing because of course, Elon Musk is fully aware of precedents. Neither are they copying because there is novelty to SpaceX's designs that take advantage of modern knowledge, computing power, materials and engineering practices. The entire business model of SpaceX is built on vastly lower costs to orbit. According to Musk, they can now do it more cheaply than the Chinese....
 Interesting that you mention IT specifically. I feel that Apple has moved forward with faltering steps, except in respect of overt hardware design, which continually and successfully pushes the envelope. However, comparing Elon Musk's companies with Apple is perhaps mainly illuminating of the differences between them that result from circumstance rather than design. Apple is a long established business in very competitive markets that has everything to lose, whereas...
R&D doesn't just develop products, it develops people. Woz and to some degree, Jobs, got their start in part with the aid of a once great R&D institution, Hewlett Packard. Can't imagine the boost to the human capital that R&D spending by companies like Apple has provided. Go Apple, (and Tesla, SpaceX and the others... well, some of the others lol). 
 Facebook will decide what happens to the data and users will decide what they are prepared to believe. 
Interesting user information... Apple makes a product that doesn't just last physically but that remains relevant. The turnover rate might be affected by this (I'm still on the first generation iPad and use it every day) but new sales are still healthy. Further to this, I very much doubt that Apple is yet through with redefining product categories. In this respect (an aside), little seems to be spoken of in the press about Apple redefining the retail experience, which it...
 In the early 1970's as university students, we made a heart rate monitor using 7400 series TTL logic, 7 segment LED numeral displays and a cloths peg mounted lamp and phototransistor. We'd sit and try to drop our heart rate for bio-feedback fun. The lamp (a tiny incandescent bulb) shone through a hole in the peg to illuminate the phototransistor through a finger to which the assembly was clamped and sensed blood density changes at each heartbeat. Even discussing...
A supercomputer that happens to be a mobile phone. :-)
 A brilliant concept, hopefully equalled in the execution. However, I agree with each of your sentiments. Function should take precedence to form. However, I haven't held a unit and so cannot comment with authority.
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