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Pushed your button  I ride by the rules and motorists largely do too in my experience. The cyclist is inevitably on the receiving end and so, yes, the pervasive use of cameras will change behaviour, if not attitudes, toward cyclists. Safe wheelin'. Caveat - '...and motorists largely do too in my experience'... speed not included! 
Bad behaviour thrives on anonymity... a revolution is taking place in many societies where anonymity in public is less and less a given. Good and bad consequences no doubt but for some activities such as cycling, a favourite of mine, small high definition cameras are paying off.   Best wishes for 2015 to all.  
 Thanks for an informative reply.  
This from a press conference today. Does anyone know how accurate these claims are? Too early to know? Posted on http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/04/nvidia-announced-tegra-x1-with-maxwell-gpu/    
 Apple made USB popular because Steve could see the trajectory it was on long before PC manufacturers could. However, Auxio is correct that Firewire is technically (vastly) superior to USB, providing full peer-to-peer communications that can be implemented in a low-resourced, peripheral environment whereas USB is master-slave. If I had the time to comment on your earlier posts I would, as some of your claims have fact and fiction well and truly intertwined. All the best.
Love it, lol.
A crucial fact that Facebook and Google will never admit to, is that the cost of a device such as an iPhone or Mac is utterly trivial against the amount of time one spends using/employing/depending on the device or system and therefore, the device's or system's true value. (This does not extend to the cost of getting on line, which is beyond Apple's and other's domains and is often ridiculous.) A successful, profitable Apple, is a successful, profitable and empowered...
I haven't read the article fully but performed a search on the words 'accurate' and accuracy', with one instance of the latter coming up. Did AI test the devices for thermal accuracy? Accurate calibration is one secret to acquiring scientifically useful results. Calibration however, can be an inconvenient aspect to instrument use and is often neglected. Perhaps FLIR's insistence on (frequent) calibration ensures more accurate results. On the other hand, perhaps neither is...
You weren't in Boston then in the wake of the marathon bombings. 
Interesting though that Taiwan's importance to the US is probably one reason (if not the main reason) that China has not acted on what it sees as a rebellious state. So, the President of the time declined to occupy Formosa, the US of the present 'occupies' (the hearts and minds) of Taiwan today. Tricky issue for Beijing.  
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