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Okay, regarding the doors... what if they have a very particular purpose, being to grant very large exhibits access to the display floor, motor vehicles for example. Not vehicles manufactured by Apple but by a close partner and which feature CarPlay (and perhaps other iOS features)? Suppose in some states Apple took up a vehicle dealer's license, the stores would make quite interesting showcases.
  The possible silver lining to this situation is that monopoly laws will likely never be invoked against Apple with such a copycat product line competing. The pervasive situation in my opinion is that of the Apple setting the technological pace with others trailing in its wake lol.
So, samesung had it worked out then, they were right on the money all along... pinch as much of Apple's IP as possible and pay a fee (damages), knowing that an injunction against their products was very unlikely. Just business to them.
 About 18 months ago, my iPhone, which had been on a steady though accelerating trajectory, suddenly moved through a vertical arc of about 270°, coming to a sudden halt. I guess that it could then have called emergency to request an ambulance, which in the end is what I required having been brought down at 50 km/hr by a 4x4 while cycling lol. The iPhone continued to register my trip to the ER,...
The clock tower is visible just above the end of the pier... Is there another structure quite like it over there (don't know)?
Not happy with your 911 Turbo's infotainment system eh?
My understanding was that Apple also had BMW in the fold. Anyone clued up to the standing of their relationship?
Maintaining close ties to and a synergistic relationship with Tesla is likely to prove far more valuable than a purchase, which I think you're acknowledging. I'm pretty sure that staff are extremely loyal to Elon Musk.
 The old 'security by obscurity' argument creeping in... 'freedom' under a state of anarchy is not quite what it is cracked up to be, hilarious.
A successor who is another of Steve Jobs' successes.
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