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I had 'low signal' against 'Phone' and I seldom actually experience low signal strength. 'Home & Lock Screen' accounted for 14% on my 'old' 5... reason - my months old granddaughter's image! 
Okay, you really had me there. Clever but easy to miss! Edit - okay Tallest Skil, it isn't being first that's truly clever but the last, the defining word, the one remembered.  
We have a 6 and I've just had my first look at a 6+... beautiful! Perhaps too good to pass on. Couldn't imagine buying such a big phone but likely will. (I can reach all parts of the phone without altering my grip.)  I did wonder about flex in such a thin profile however, especially as my 5 spends a great deal of time in the back pocket of my riding kit (and survived a tumble at 50 km/hr to go on and record the route my ambulance took to the local ER)!   About the back...
Not yet - iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPhone 6...
Young buyers from China (Hong Kong) were interviewed by Australian TV news programs. They were more than willing to pay airfares and accommodation for bragging rights back home (and a brief holiday down under).  
Our telco has just informed us that our first, a 6, is being delivered Friday.  
I've got a refund coming, increased storage and a lower cost. Nice, sunny day here today too.
 There, fixed that for you. :-) Could someone/those familiar with these venues please enlighten us plebs on (the) possible reason/s for a change this year.
 I've given you a 'thumbs-up' for comments in the past, however this comment is abysmal, an affront to hard-working men and women on the assembly lines. All the best.
Believe me when I say that LASERs were regarded in the same vein 40 years ago. I was a member of the Laser Institute of America back then and there was always this promise in them but not yet the excitement. Mind you, I did hit the Moon with one, that was quite exciting!
New Posts  All Forums: