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  The Apple board of directors leaking to Fox news!     From someone who'd be aware in ways that none of us (including Fox) could hope to be.       Trick question!
  That's what I was implying. Sense the fingerprint as the finger nears or touches the button, press the button for confirmation. :)
  I saw that, more a general comment. Is bold text the new caps?
  ...and that division of Samesung supplying those panels will be:   (1) Very pleased to have the business, especially from such a popular manufacturer as Apple. (2) Very dark toward those divisions within Samesung who might imperil the display business. (3) Doing their best technologically to ensure that Apple remains interested. (4) Etc., etc.
  One way to improve signal to noise is to sit staring at the subject for a while, the whole time integrating the signal. Apple's sensor is described as being 'super-sensitive', implying a very short integration time and therefore rapid response. It's conceivable that if the technology is truly advanced, that the fingerprint might be acquired as the finger nears or just touches the surface, even before the key is depressed (or preferably before the key is depressed)....
  It seems that so long as third parties are involved in the development or implementation of Apple's technologies (aside of course, those from whom Apple licenses the technology), then clones will hit the market before too long and somehow get around protective patents. Being first by a couple of years or patents, or both... questions, questions. :)
Rounding error.
  I want to hear it though! (Is it kind of squealy and irritating?) (I realise that this is a keyboard shortcut but it should have an associated tone.)
 - now to go back and read this piece.
  I would simply have responded to this with -  but the message would have been too short, so I'll say this -  
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