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In 1854, Commodore Matthew Perry, who had the year before forced the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan to sign a treaty with the US, dropped anchor of Formosa, now Taiwan, for 10 days. He recommended that the island be occupied as it had reserves of coal that would be useful for the new steam powered warships the US navy was using. President Franklin Pierce declined, demurring at the cost. Imagine the outcome of a different response in DC.
I guess they don't mean that a child will die in Iraq, because that would never be tolerated.
Twenty-four year old art   
Might go for a trial with this one, I don't require the microcontroller component:   https://estore.ti.com/cc3100boost-cc31xxemuboost.aspx   All the best.
 So, not just a case of 'onwards and upwards' then...
Is this surprising? Teens constantly have their phone to hand. The Watch is not well understood yet.
So, all of those on AI who felt the need to defend a smaller iPhone as Scamsung released larger ones are bitching now about the 6 Plus... and certainly, they are bitching! How then is AI quieter? It could have been because those who wanted a larger iPhone now had nothing to bitch about but this wasn't to be, it's the turn of the small phone crowd. Where's the common sense in that?
Oh - and tasting and sniffing.  
I'm increasingly convinced that the Watch will very soon be a watch in name and minor functionality, only. I prefer to think that the goal for this device is biometrics input. I just cannot imagine that what Apple has revealed is in any sense the prime objective for this device. I'll say again that I think spectrometry will feature at some point. Best wishes.
'Gestalt-Ingenieur' is a title but also such a term of endearment, doubtless appropriate to Ive. 
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