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I believe that the opportunities for the two folds, Apple and Musk's companies, to take advantage of synergies is enormous. For example, SpaceX apparently, according to Musk at least, is cheaper at lofting payloads than even the Chinese. When his systems become fully re-usable, the advantage will grow even further. This with fully home-grown technology and manufacturing, something Apple must certainly be well aware of. When Musk begins a new venture, I doubt that he gives...
One of them is at work in Silicon Valley and elsewhere right now and goes by the name of Elon Musk. Oh... and his privately owned spacecraft is flying to the ISS on Monday, again. Even the somewhat self-absorbed British TV show Top Gear had this to say - 'The Tesla Model S is the most important car Top Gear has tested.' http://www.topgear.com/uk/photos/Maserati-Ghibli-takes-on-Model-S-2014-04-03 Interested to learn whether there is something to the talk of a mutual...
How are data detectors operating on a link (being plain text)? Had to unblock you to read your banal comment. Back to the bin for you.
So, Apple has a patent or patents that it cannot assert because of potential for damage to the common good. [1] Sounds like innovation would be required to have such an impact, [2] so much for patents then.
Part of the motivation perhaps:   http://www.bbc.com/news/business-26933449   Samesung struggling to find new profit centres.
Message this video conveys regarding fingerprint technology:   iPhone 5S - hands down winner.   Samesung Galaxy 5s - gimmick.
Imagine the response this would generate in the wider community... would make a great piece in The Onion though.
 This could have been posted on any day of the year, April 1 not the only predetermined opportunity.  
My eight year old citizen has never had a battery change and never will. It has a solar cell, watch face that looks elegant and is very, very practical. :-)
Okay, regarding the doors... what if they have a very particular purpose, being to grant very large exhibits access to the display floor, motor vehicles for example. Not vehicles manufactured by Apple but by a close partner and which feature CarPlay (and perhaps other iOS features)? Suppose in some states Apple took up a vehicle dealer's license, the stores would make quite interesting showcases.
New Posts  All Forums: