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Would love to answer this in depth but pushed for time, however, there could be tangible benefits that revolve around the word 'relationship'. I'd like to think that we Apple customers are in a relationship with Apple, as opposed to fandroids and the Googleplex and MS users before them. I emailed Tim once and have since had ongoing discussions with a VP (we all know Tim's email address and know too that he rises early each day to read emails from the likes of us), that's a...
Almost guessed, thanks for clarifying. Time as they say, will tell! (For me too if I buy a 6 Plus.)
I wonder whether Apple will give the sales breakdown... won't that be interesting?! A 5S form factor 6 with the two larger ones would have been a great lineup but was it workable logistically? Perhaps in ten years time, during a retrospective interview, Tim will let slip with his opinion but of course, by then, this will be history. I looked at the 6 Plus and couldn't bring myself to commit (one was available), more research needed? All the best.
Can understand your query in respect of having no choice smaller than the 6, I did wonder about that as I posted. However, so many were vocal about Apple falling behind without a larger iPhone and now, so many complaints. My wife has migrated from a 3G straight to the 6. How do you think she's getting on? Like a fish to water! I might go for the 6 Plus, how do you think I'll get on? 
Funny how people use the 'you're not being forced to buy blah' argument when it suits them but then 'oh, the sky is falling' when it doesn't.
You've never heard of the word 'alloy' it seems. Some alloys of aluminium have high strength (aluminium-zinc), are used in the cylinder heads of internal combustion engines (aluminium-silicon etc) and regeneratively cooled, are used in rocket motor combustion chambers. Just to say that aluminium was used doesn't mean that it wasn't alloyed and in most cases would be. I wondered whether the 6 was originally intended to be constructed with a liquid-metal case (although this...
Saw a 6 Plus a few days ago, beautiful screen. I'm thinking of going that way too.
I had 'low signal' against 'Phone' and I seldom actually experience low signal strength. 'Home & Lock Screen' accounted for 14% on my 'old' 5... reason - my months old granddaughter's image! 
Okay, you really had me there. Clever but easy to miss! Edit - okay Tallest Skil, it isn't being first that's truly clever but the last, the defining word, the one remembered.  
We have a 6 and I've just had my first look at a 6+... beautiful! Perhaps too good to pass on. Couldn't imagine buying such a big phone but likely will. (I can reach all parts of the phone without altering my grip.)  I did wonder about flex in such a thin profile however, especially as my 5 spends a great deal of time in the back pocket of my riding kit (and survived a tumble at 50 km/hr to go on and record the route my ambulance took to the local ER)!   About the back...
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