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A couple of interesting links in regard to Raman spectroscopy:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatially_offset_Raman_spectroscopy   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6314287.stm
 That's okay, better than a lot of what goes on here. :)
 Raman spectroscopy is clinically accurate, works in a highly absorbing and scattering environment (skin) and perhaps, just maybe, could be miniaturised. Further, a multitude of analyses can be performed. I think Apple is about to revolutionise health care with a bloody phone.  http://web.mit.edu/spectroscopy/doc/papers/2002/Bloodanalysis02.pdf http://sites.weinberg.northwestern.edu/vanduyne/files/2012/10/2004_Young.pdf You can trust me, I'm a dentist (no, not really)!
Welcome to A.I. as a member. Steve was prescient. I believe that we will see products yet that he foreshaddowed with both off the cuff remarks and very, very considered commentary. All the best.
 However, what kind of apps are Apple committed to? The new versions sent me spinning, I was honestly expecting more sophisticated versions would be released. My understanding and I might not be correct, is that the new versions are complete re-writes. There's a lot of work in that, however, I consider them vanity releases. I'm now back with word, which is an utter dog but has features that I need and thought Pages 'might' have by now.
I'm simply sorry that I did and that now, some documents have been demoted by requiring the new versions of Pages and Keynote to open. These are downgrades to previously excellent applications that should have had new, needed features added ahead of feature parity between iOS and OS X versions. The new versions pollute my computer.
I think the BBC is not convinced:   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25726521   ...and of course, the issue of privacy:   But what about privacy? Would Nest customers be happy that Google now knew what time they were leaving their homes? "Our Nest privacy policy clearly limits the use of the customer information we gather to improving Nest's products and services," says Fadell. "The terms of service are not going to change." But more interestingly he went on:...
Apple buys Nest - Wall Street reaction:   • Why did Apple let Fadell go in the first place? • Why is Apple spending $3.2B to buy back expertise of their own making? • Is this 'new Apple innovating'?   • Apple share price falls 5%.   Google buys Nest - Wall Street reaction:   • Strategic investment for Google from right under Apple's nose. Wake up Apple! • Google buys company founded by the guy who masterminded the iPod. • Google invests in the 'next big thing',...
Lol - I'll admit that I couldn't find the word I wanted, a bit distracted right now. :)
Remove (Kidding of course.) and you'd be closer to a powerful observation... and one would not need to hold the phone to the ear.
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