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Dick, Edison concerns me far more than anything that scamsung is up to with Tizen or independently in hardware. Intel has the interest and expertise to pull Apple down, in light of Apple moving away with continued development of ARM chips. I listened to your video with only half-interest until Wolfram was mentioned. I have written here before that I think Apple and Wolfram should work closely together. Steve Jobs and Stephen Wolfram were friends and the Mac has always been...
Not yet a shipping product but as we know, LG, scamsung and Fred, who lives 5 doors down, all beat Apple into health and fitness.
MEMs accelerometers are typically tri-axial, so, three axes in a single unit. A tri-axial gyro then gives an unambiguous rotational as opposed to mistaken translational signal, providing at least 6 degrees of freedom.
[1] You might be aware of this work, however, the field of energy storage continues to surprise - http://www.technologyreview.com/news/524781/a-battery-with-liquid-electrodes-can-be-recharged-or-refilled/ [2] A lot of vested interests are lining up against Elon Musk in both of the fields in which he is currently, visibly active. Existing interests do not like visionaries but when such visionaries make significant progress in disrupting the status quo, dislike can become a...
Selling before the storm hits. :)
Did you intend to write subclinical or did you intend subcutaneous?
A paper released not long ago (last year, year before - I'd have to search for it again if someone asked for a link) suggested that differential blood pressure, that is, the difference between blood pressure measured in two arms might be a much better predictor of heart condition than measurements made in a single limb. Might be oversimplifying to say, 'the greater the differential, the greater the risk', however, that was probably the thrust of the paper. The idea of...
Whatever Apple does, however it becomes involved with Tesla which would in my opinion be a very good move, Musk's fundamental involvement must be maintained. A partnership would be more productive than outright purchase. Tesla and Apple have very similar synergies and at some level would be a great fit. An aside, while I'd be more than happy to own a Model S, I think that the dashboard could use a little Apple redesign. (Guess I'm a fan of Musk, he is a genius though.)
We don't want no Arab spring here thanks.  
Just as well the rumours are sketchy, don't know what we'd do if they were rock solid!
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