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Whatever Apple does, however it becomes involved with Tesla which would in my opinion be a very good move, Musk's fundamental involvement must be maintained. A partnership would be more productive than outright purchase. Tesla and Apple have very similar synergies and at some level would be a great fit. An aside, while I'd be more than happy to own a Model S, I think that the dashboard could use a little Apple redesign. (Guess I'm a fan of Musk, he is a genius though.)
We don't want no Arab spring here thanks.  
Just as well the rumours are sketchy, don't know what we'd do if they were rock solid!
 Great (sigh), robots running amok! 
Categories - plural... mmm... this should give us plenty of opportunity for speculation, which regardless we're always capable of engaging in. :)
Well, he won't have been fired at least. GTR, you're going to have start using the sarcasm tag. As long as the sapphire furnaces don't employ a gas centrifuge, Apple should be safe from mistaken identity and sabotage, for now at least...
Cancer has apparently just become a bigger killer in Australia than heart attack (and sharks), likely due to an ageing population and longer life expectancies. Humans age into years where cancer is more likely to become a factor.
Enjoyed the video, very nice thanks Apple.
A couple of interesting links in regard to Raman spectroscopy:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spatially_offset_Raman_spectroscopy   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6314287.stm
 That's okay, better than a lot of what goes on here. :)
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