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...and stop using Android. 
Yes but we had to see his post before you sin-binned him! 
Hey all - we have a new member here with a question that I would think some of you could have a go at answering. Any thoughts? Welcome to AI @juliedyan.  
'I don’t know what Apple pays Jony Ive, but this proves it’s not nearly enough.' Re/code's @Amy_Schatz in response to Sony's SmartEyeglass.   https://recode.net/2015/02/18/reactions-sonys-840-smart-glasses-are-too-dorky-to-be-believed/   Design is easy - design that everyone clamours for must be tricky.  
My post was, okay, facetious. National security cuts both ways. 
 This should probably read 'The change is thought to be motivated by concerns over Western counter-cybersurveillance operations.' 
My great nephew received a tablet from his parents who continually reassured him that it was as good as an iPad. They quite possibly believed that it was. He remained unconvinced.
I had a few moments with a generic(?) tablet once and it was utterly inferior to the iPad. I would not even compare them as a category of devices. This is why sales numbers alone, while an interesting metric, are useless. (Sure, I like to see Apple's numbers on top but at least in part so that fewer people are subjected to rubbish products). Apple provides everyday lessons in what is possible.
I do not think that @SpamSandwich was criticising your reply. Incidentally, I wouldn't, if it interests you to know. 
 Not necessarily. Groundwater (non-artesian) provides ample ∆T for cooling and can be (and is) returned to the aquifer. This works very well. One supercomputing centre with which I am familiar is cooled entirely this way. There is also ample solar energy. Population size is less relevant when one considers that increasingly and often by regulation, there is an expectation that locally produced information will be warehoused within the country. Australia is very much a...
New Posts  All Forums: