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 So you are privy to negotiations then. Please spell out the terms that are holding up proceedings... or to put this another way, assure the reader at least that Ericsson's terms are fair and reasonable.
 Intrigues me that any lighting manufacturer considers themselves to be trusted, as they have persistently imposed on the buying public a hidden, though obvious, lighting tax in the form of reduced product lifetimes. The material cost to the manufacturer of vastly extending the lifetimes of their products would have been negligible but the business cost would have been unacceptable. I wonder how they will artificially reduce the lifetime of LED systems. In everything that...
My wish seems to be in the process of coming true: http://blog.wolfram.com/2015/04/28/instant-apps-for-the-apple-watch-with-the-wolfram-language/      Image - Wolfram.com
Wired is starting to 'get the iPhone'... at last.   http://www.wired.com/2015/04/iphone-now-crazy-popular-china/   I contributed my 0.13 seconds to sales with a 6 Plus. No going back, smaller form factors feel deficient and yes, obviated my immediate need for a new iPad (still on mk 1). I believe that Apple will reinvigorate the iPad both in terms of size options and capability. An iOS version of mathematica (even just a shell) would be nice. 
That video basically, was about working in the business of servicing/supporting expensive mechanical watches. As Ive said in his interview, not all of the watches in his nor Newson's collections are currently serviceable. Sorry, to use an outdated and inaccurate expression but one that everyone understands, 'dinosaurs'...  (What Apple is saying is that the wrist is or will be too valuable a space to waste it on lesser capabilities than offered by an Apple (luxury) product....
I agree, though 'WOW' hardly covers my reaction.
The future is so hard this side of it, much easier from the other! (Signed doc Emm.)
 Well, that settles it then. 
  There, fixed that for you. 
Yep, that's him, unmistakable good looking dude. 
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