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 There, fixed that for you. :-) Could someone/those familiar with these venues please enlighten us plebs on (the) possible reason/s for a change this year.
 I've given you a 'thumbs-up' for comments in the past, however this comment is abysmal, an affront to hard-working men and women on the assembly lines. All the best.
Believe me when I say that LASERs were regarded in the same vein 40 years ago. I was a member of the Laser Institute of America back then and there was always this promise in them but not yet the excitement. Mind you, I did hit the Moon with one, that was quite exciting!
I doubt that you waste two seconds on anything! I agree with you about wearables but there is a great development/application platform in the iPhone, that wonderful 'supercomputer' in your pocket.
No, no, no... 12:14 a.m. 08/20/2014 :-)
Lol... bedtime here... good morning, afternoon, evening and goodnight all... take care. 
Slow news day...  
 You produce an outrageous post and then try to defend it with an equally banal statement. Go do that elsewhere please.
 This was a very, very considered comment from John Gruber and possibly the whole point to posting in the first place.  The subtlety might have been lost to you but the message couldn't have been clearer had Gruber rented a billboard in Times Square, being that Apple is releasing wearable tech next month.
This is of the form I'd like to see in an Apple watch, except that I'd like Apple to produce a handsome dress watch with brilliant functionality/capability/utility based on advanced sensor technology and low-power communication with an iPhone. I like the mockups regardless of their authenticity.   Some of us are old enough to remember when HP owned technical/device computing. There was a brilliance in HP products hat no one could touch. When you enjoy the nice click of...
New Posts  All Forums: