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Yep, that's him, unmistakable good looking dude. 
Tim Cahill at an Apple store in Shanghai on A.I., neat. _\\//      (Awaiting appropriate emoji.)
 Nice trolling @cicconegreek! The last 3 years, every troll claimed every new product comes with a huge delay time to create a buzz! Classic!
I suspect that you are correct in this. Delivery date probably depends on model and location. I was on very quickly. Delivery about 3 hours later was quoted as beginning in June.
Sport Watch preordered moments after the store went live a few minutes late - 4-6 weeks delivery.
Sport Watch ordered just after preorders opened (a few minutes late), for my fitness aficionado wife. Delivery 4-6 weeks, 2-4 for a separate band.
The Apple store is down! Just sayin'. 
...and stop using Android. 
Yes but we had to see his post before you sin-binned him! 
Hey all - we have a new member here with a question that I would think some of you could have a go at answering. Any thoughts? Welcome to AI @juliedyan.  
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