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There is a fundamental flaw in your argument, which is that whereas Apple might not be the master of all fields into which it sells products (although increasingly is ) it is the master of the products it offers. With CarPlay, Apple has practically no control. Integration is at the whim of manufacturers. This would be completely unacceptable to Apple. Apple is up to something bigger than vehicle infotainment systems and will field something over which it has complete...
Thinking about it, this bears an uncanny resemblance to some spectrometry ideas, perhaps a Raman spectrometer in not only the iPhone but smaller still, in an Watch. That would herald a revolution in physiological sensing. Apple has stuff under their collective hood!
A proper zoom lens (yes, you do need moving lenses, it's about conjugation). That would be a very nice enhancement. 
Even if Apple isn't developing an (electric) (autonomous) car, I'm sure that there is research underway. MacObserver however, is convinced:   http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/apple-is-working-on-a-car?utm_content=buffer4684c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=app.net&utm_campaign=buffer   May we all continue to live in interesting times lol.
Funny you should say that... Elon Musk let slip in an interview that he knows of someone working on just that. The remark was genuine.  
...and self-driving cars. 
This historic building on the campus of UC Berkeley has been retrofitted with a similar system. 
 If Apple only stayed with its 'core competency', there would be no iPhone (or iOS for that matter).
I can understand your sentiment. However, Apple cannot ignore developments that might conceivably harm its further development. Another example might be a grab for spectrum by Apple's competitors that could shut Apple out. Should Apple be a telco too? I don't know but they should be aware of developments and I doubt this is truly possible by just reading about it. Apple needs to maintain an active research (and not necessarily development) program in fields that might...
LOVED the video, thanks for posting. So much I'd like to comment on but out of time. However, there wasn't much (or anything) shown that a car couldn't handle autonomously besides just the smart cruise control. 
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