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My post was, okay, facetious. National security cuts both ways. 
 This should probably read 'The change is thought to be motivated by concerns over Western counter-cybersurveillance operations.' 
My great nephew received a tablet from his parents who continually reassured him that it was as good as an iPad. They quite possibly believed that it was. He remained unconvinced.
I had a few moments with a generic(?) tablet once and it was utterly inferior to the iPad. I would not even compare them as a category of devices. This is why sales numbers alone, while an interesting metric, are useless. (Sure, I like to see Apple's numbers on top but at least in part so that fewer people are subjected to rubbish products). Apple provides everyday lessons in what is possible.
I do not think that @SpamSandwich was criticising your reply. Incidentally, I wouldn't, if it interests you to know. 
 Not necessarily. Groundwater (non-artesian) provides ample ∆T for cooling and can be (and is) returned to the aquifer. This works very well. One supercomputing centre with which I am familiar is cooled entirely this way. There is also ample solar energy. Population size is less relevant when one considers that increasingly and often by regulation, there is an expectation that locally produced information will be warehoused within the country. Australia is very much a...
 The premium according to this article could take the purchase price even higher. Easy to speculate to our (collective) hearts' content of course.
 Sure but what is interesting in this review is the opinion that Google would be less capable, with its lack of outright cash and infrastructure, to capitalise on a purchase of Tesla than would Apple for example, which would imply that their total cost of ownership would be vastly higher. Apple's overseas cash hoard could enable it to build further infrastructure off-shore too (my thoughts). Tesla is quite popular in Europe, where population centres are typically quite close.
This from Design News... speculation but linked for what it's worth:   http://www.designnews.com/author.asp?section_id=1386&doc_id=276664&itc=dn_analysis_element&cid=nl.dn14.20150220&dfpPParams=ind_182,industry_auto,industry_consumer,aid_276664&dfpLayout=blog   Not arguing in favour of this analysis but we know that people think this is one possibility.
 I agree with your points here. Electric vehicles are in the news basically because one man and one (small) company had the fortitude to build an electric only (high-performance) production car. I can only imagine how much Apple would contribute to the art... and Musk would welcome Apple to the game. This is right for Apple. Musk has had to walk a very fine line in every aspect of the design and implementation of his electric vehicles. How clever to start with a body built...
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