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Like the VAT, the price you see is the final price including taxes.
My understanding is that the U.S. store doesn't charge taxes whereas the Australian store charges the G.S.T. at 10%. Makes a difference if I am correct. :)
Will be interesting to hear about the experiences of those who require an external cage for specialist boards. I myself don't but use Mathematica, do you think that this will benefit - http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/OpenCLLink/tutorial/Overview.html ?
For every joy, there is an equal and opposite kill joy - Newton's third law of the physics of joy.
As much as I was disappointed when I read the headline, this woman must be given the benefit of the doubt. To suggest that she will pressure staff to rule against Apple simply because of her employment history would be quite outrageous.
 Don't count Samesung out yet, there's plenty more technology on Apple's roadmap yet for them to copy.
Perhaps worth remembering that Steve Jobs' hopes for the iPhone, at least in public statements, were very much more modest (and Microsoft's very much more significant in Steve Balmer's public statements). Apple's iPhone market share vastly exceeds Steve Jobs' stated hopes for it.
...And all of it based on Apple's design lead. Well, according to Samesung's current legal council at least.  
They've probably already been culled lol. :) Look forward to your contribution.
New Posts  All Forums: