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What I would like to know is that considering the range of products in this category, from a watch that one might be happy to replace every two years in a cycle similar to the iPhone, to watches possibly costing thousands of dollars, whether the internals could readily be upgraded to meet the specifications of new products. Suppose Apple in two years time, produces electronics/sensors/batteries that are vastly superior to the initial offering, one might be quite reluctant...
 Considering the degree to which each of these men stamped (have stamped) their respective marks on Apple, it is fascinating to see them in the same shot.
I'm one of those who responds well to stress. I wondered (on this site) whether Apple would have further functionality in the Watch before release, I wondered about spectrometry for example. This report addresses some of my queries.
Please go elsewhere with this BS. What a joke.
It's one matter for Elon to fight the system but when Apple becomes involved, it'll be another matter.
I put most of the trolls on my ignore list for health reasons, perhaps you should too, snorting tea doesn't sound healthy. (I kept Tekstud off the list though for his/her entertainment value). There's no point Apple spending one cent unless they are researching a complete package. Apple long ago learned not to dispose itself at the whim of 'partners'. Apple might not develop an autonomous electric vehicle but will be researching one.  
 As for your final point, MEMs mirrors are increasingly popular, might be a match for this application (swapping out optical paths). I'm still bullish on spectrometry in the long run for biological analyses.
Only historically relevant iVan I can recall, was iVan the Terrible, won't be that then! 
 Tim Cook in conversation with Jeff Williams (senior VP, operations): "Hey Jeff, great idea sending one of the vans to Hawaii, press has fallen for the idea that we're only mapping with the thing!"
There is a fundamental flaw in your argument, which is that whereas Apple might not be the master of all fields into which it sells products (although increasingly is ) it is the master of the products it offers. With CarPlay, Apple has practically no control. Integration is at the whim of manufacturers. This would be completely unacceptable to Apple. Apple is up to something bigger than vehicle infotainment systems and will field something over which it has complete...
New Posts  All Forums: