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I once drove on cruise control on a remote highway behind another vehicle for perhaps 50 km without touching my brake and the separation between us remained remarkably constant. My guess is that he was on cruise control too and yet, the constancy was remarkable... and that with only cruise control and no other active systems.
 The first driverless cars will be quite heroic, if only for the fact that they will be required to cope with so many humans making decisions. Once humans are out of the loop however... child's play lol.  Your conclusions, if this is the case, are quite wrong. Elon actually wants competition. Why do you think that he released so many patents to public use. He has stated previously (sorry, no link, no time) that competition can only increase the presence on the roads of...
Apple had better let someone start competing or there could be trouble. 
Hang on... these guys aren't analysts are they? Something wrong with this picture!
I am confident that those who misunderstood you wanted to. 
I had an iPhone 5 and was very happy with it. Intended to keep it for another year but replace my first gen iPad. Accidentally drowned the 5 (yes, it was an accident), bought a 6 Plus (beautiful) and so won't be buying the new iPad for a while. I could use a new iPad though and will probably replace mine within 12 months. I'm surprised at how well the larger iPhone obviates the need for my iPad for applications such as SignalScopePro for example and for watching video: 
Enjoying the updates, thanks AI. 
Would help sales were people such as I, still using the first generation iPad, to upgrade. I wonder how much though?
 A device equivalent in processing/display capability to the Watch would have a current draw at least two orders of magnitude too great to be recharged by even a full-faced solar panel.
The Chinese would doubtless be pleased for the furniture to have been produced from Paulownia kawakami (Saphire Dragon), a (previously) economic timber in China but which is now regarded as critically endangered. Timber has a beautiful, light coloured texture and is prized in ornamental work. I have a couple growing that I'll use for this purpose when time permits. As noted previously however, no such romantic circumstance in modern stores.  
New Posts  All Forums: