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 I feel that this is more likely the particular reason for interest, thin, bright, low-power displays. At this juncture at least. All the best.
Perhaps Larry Ellison can complete the task that his friend Steven Jobs didn't have time to finish...
 That's not all you could say, that's all you needed to say lol.
 Apple might be taking on a moveable lens (for focussing), which would permit faster optics and I think, a better PSF. Have to think about this but it's after midnight here, so... 
 His ability to maintain context and contact displayed brilliance. We are so much better off for his toils through adversity.
 Love Vermeer's work. Beautifully rendered lives of often ordinary people.
 Perhaps it didn't read this way but I was adding to, not at all criticising, your comment, sorry. Nice to read the name Olympus actually, really admired their film based SLRs back when...
One must wonder just how much latitude this guy was allowed. Was he in a position to say for example 'no plastic back' or was he hamstrung by Scamsung's management? Just because he was sacked doesn't mean he was responsible, perhaps the fall guy.
 Canon has employed optical image stabilisation for over or close to, a decade. When a scene is captured on two or more frames and the camera knows exactly what the intervening movement was (shake or otherwise - from data supplied by the actuators), the processor can perform sub-pixel interpolation (almost mentioned is one phrase in the article), which produces a physically higher resolution image. This is because each camera pixel samples a little bit of the neighbouring...
'The official blog of Samsung Electronics has revealed the design inspiration for its latest Galaxy S5 phone, which says involved extensive research into "iPhone and iOS," a technology currently showing as a preference for young, savvy customers.'   There, fixed that typo for Scamsung.
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