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They've probably already been culled lol. :) Look forward to your contribution.
I'd be more interested in these comparisons were the competition not employing malware as an OS. Let's be quite clear, from the perspective of the user, Android is malware, in that it is designed to deliver to Google's clients, its advertisers, a product, being users of the OS. To deny this is to live a fairytale. In respect of performance, Apple is an Earthly company, with access to Earthly technologies, the same as Amazon. The overall user experience however, is what is...
I've fought tooth and nail for the right to use a Mac in various workplaces, with the last in use at one government lab gone when I left. However, this Pages suddenly has me worried about the direction Apple is going with application software. The new version in my opinion is next to useless. Apple has produced the most sophisticated of operating systems but with the obvious exception of Keynote is destroying iWork. It is easy to visualise killer applications and the...
Were Apple to build the iPad without a display, then (1) Samesung would not have Apple's business and more importantly (2) the iPad would be cheaper and meet J.D. Power's requirements to be judged the best tablet! All too obvious.
Thanks for your thoughts. Actually, I wrote my latest paper, resulting from a conference, entirely in LaTeX using LyX, which is quite nice. Then, one week before the submission due date, the organisers sent out a pro forma for tex documents that LyX wouldn't read, requiring me to re-write the whole thing. They would however, accept a Word doc and so I just cut and paste into that. I'll be writing most docs in LaTeX though, I love the utter control and integration. All the...
Good point... main reason was that MathType would not produce text in an equation that matched text in the discussion perfectly, which is essential and document could not be opened in old pages (which wasn't perfect either but easier to work with). I have a full Time Machine backup but decided to use Word as more consistent for equations. Apple should have a native equation editor. I can just see it, would be beautiful but obviously not a priority to Apple.
This is an utterly abysmal update. Why could Apple engineers not have spent the time between releases improving functionality by adding for example, a drop-dead gorgeous, Apple equation editor, which is desperately, desperately needed (and not the ported-from-windoze, awful MathType), or features to help in specialised fields, such as creating a LaTeX parser and editor, which would have been a killer in sciences? Whilst Keynote is unassailable for quality and...
Might upgrade from my faithful first generation iPad. Bought my wife the Mini last Christmas, she has taken to it like a... oh, risk of a label here... she loves it, never far away. :)
As someone who can grip a full-sized iPad edge to edge with one hand but whose eyes are wavering, a larger screen is something I'd probably welcome. The overall utility of the current devices is excellent however and so I hope that larger iPhones maintain that. For example, my iPhone is also my sports data acquisition system, a bike computer for example and I'd not want that to become impractical. A diagonal of five inches might be perfect (and house a much bigger battery).
Installed Mavericks. Mathematica 9 runs fine so far. EndNote 6 performs properly in the new Pages once the Pages_EndNote_Plug-In-v2 (package name) is installed. I was able to insert a citation and have it appear in a bibliography. My LaTeX editor, LyX, performs properly.
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