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This historic building on the campus of UC Berkeley has been retrofitted with a similar system. 
 If Apple only stayed with its 'core competency', there would be no iPhone (or iOS for that matter).
I can understand your sentiment. However, Apple cannot ignore developments that might conceivably harm its further development. Another example might be a grab for spectrum by Apple's competitors that could shut Apple out. Should Apple be a telco too? I don't know but they should be aware of developments and I doubt this is truly possible by just reading about it. Apple needs to maintain an active research (and not necessarily development) program in fields that might...
LOVED the video, thanks for posting. So much I'd like to comment on but out of time. However, there wasn't much (or anything) shown that a car couldn't handle autonomously besides just the smart cruise control. 
With respect, the video doesn't support your argument. Someone who knew Steve Jobs' thinking and was close to him as the idea of a revolutionary new mobile phone was developing could have said, as Jonny Ive intimated in the interview, "Why are you thinking about this? Focus Steve, focus, we build computers and music players". People need to communicate and want information, hence the iPhone is cleaning up but people also need to get around, safely. Who will buy an iDevice...
Given the frenetic pace of development of [1] electric cars and [2] automated systems, involving new players such as Tesla and Google and others but also established manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes (a company to which one should pay close attention) and Porsche and others, I'd be surprised were Apple not considering the possibilities.
I once drove on cruise control on a remote highway behind another vehicle for perhaps 50 km without touching my brake and the separation between us remained remarkably constant. My guess is that he was on cruise control too and yet, the constancy was remarkable... and that with only cruise control and no other active systems.
 The first driverless cars will be quite heroic, if only for the fact that they will be required to cope with so many humans making decisions. Once humans are out of the loop however... child's play lol.  Your conclusions, if this is the case, are quite wrong. Elon actually wants competition. Why do you think that he released so many patents to public use. He has stated previously (sorry, no link, no time) that competition can only increase the presence on the roads of...
Apple had better let someone start competing or there could be trouble. 
Hang on... these guys aren't analysts are they? Something wrong with this picture!
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