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Mac OS used to be free. Back to the good 'ol days.   I need Endnote X5 to function properly, anyone with a heads up? Have delayed until my current paper was finished, in review now. Anyone use a LaTeX editor such as LyX? (Need that to work properly too.)
...and would never beat his own drum because that would be crass.  
No confusion.
Not necessarily. At least where I reside, a modern, western democracy, accepting terms and conditions may be considered as entering into a contract with a vendor. In this place, contract law is based on a principle of 'fairness to both (all) parties'. If terms and conditions can be shown to be basically unfair, they can be beaten. Of course, access to the law and the opportunity to make one's case isn't guaranteed, especially for those who are most susceptible to accepting...
I didn't contribute to that number, my first generation iPad is still in use daily. However, I do intend to contribute to next quarter's numbers and have also had family and acquaintances asking me when the new iPads would be released. Big period coming up for the iPad I believe.
From his first post, he posted apologist drivel. He then confirmed his ignorance in later posts. Yes, I didn't want to take time responding and yet did. What's your excuse? He can laugh all he wants, no harm.
No.Obviously.Because it isn't software?This isn't the first place where your so-called argument falls apart but is breathtaking, although it would be breathtaking if you had a clue.Apple didn't hire Angela Ahrendts, whose current up-market company has particular expertise in China, to help them build a cheaper phone.You have not the slightest clue what Steve Jobs gave to charity. True charity is not seen. Bill Gates is doing a great work though not on his own but driven by...
'A Schmidt-load'... I'll have to remember that one lol. Even better than 'Samesung'.
 ...and if we work you over, maybe a future iOS user!   (We need the numbers... no we don't... Gollum, get lost!)
 ...and yes, there is no sarcasm tag in my post because it wasn't sarcastic but my take on a near future eventuality. :)
New Posts  All Forums: