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Thought so :-)
Apple leadership would be aware of advances made to other products and features that work but still marches to its own drum. You can be certain too that other manufacturers look to Apple in every attempt to add capabilities, half-baked if necessary, that will give bragging rights in their attempts to catch up. Apple is ahead of the game even where it isn't in the market lol... do you own a smart watch incidentally? It might be argued that any wearable that Apple introduces...
Apple introduced a product (products) that caught competitors napping. These products are being improved as technology (hardware and software) permit. Apple isn't playing catch up to anyone. Ignore the trolls, be they the public or the press, not worth the effort to read. You and I have better things to do with our time. 
I'll be very sorry to see the current, iconic design go in favour of what appears to be a utilitarian design. Certainly, Apple will do it well.
Okay, thanks. I don't ever click on the article banner but go straight to the comments page. Was a time when content played there too but not so now apparently.
I don't ever see these videos, just a blank line (Safari Version 7.0.4 (9537.76.4)). What am I doing wrong (right lol)?
 My 2 cents... a spectacular dress watch as beautiful as these - http://www.tagheuer.com/int-en/home - sporting physical hands and limited electronic display, crammed with sensors, ULP Bluetooth, inductive charging and completely and utterly sealed. The time at a glance, my iPhone can and does, do the rest.  
 There's no imperative for an iWatch to sport an opening or seal of any kind. In fact, disappointing if it does.
 Would have thought 'curved' rather than 'flexible'. Sensors would need to be in close proximity to the skin. A greater number of sensors or sensor area would require more contact area. I still favour dress watch, less display, as we have previously discussed.
 Calibration becomes (vitally) important once one attempts to assign real world numbers to sensed data. You raise an interesting point. :-)
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