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For me, the biggest failing in Numbers is its very poor data parsing facility, which is almost non-existent. I open Excel only to parse data, even at the least complex level. All the same, I use Mathematica almost exclusively and so, am not too fussed.
Of course, there is always this caveat: 'As CNET points out, a hacker could only take advantage of the known bug if he or she has local access to the computer and Directory Service access.' Mmmm... better to be aware of ones security environment and take appropriate measures.
This might not answer your question, however, there is at least an ability to manipulate CMYK space when exporting to PDF. I recently had an A0 document printed and was actually surprised at how closely the output matched my expectations. Producing these documents is only incidental to my work though and so, partial capabilities in Pages are acceptable. For me, the biggest advance to Pages came once tighter integration was achieved with EndNote, a big plus. All the best.
I agree strongly with your sentiments. I too use Pages every day, even producing large display documents in Pages where I would previously have used Illustrator. I hope that Apple gives the iWork suite top priority.
I would be astounded if Apple didn't have an acsencion plan for manufacturing. I cannot believe that there aren't at least some employees who are tasked with researching even high level (less finely resolved) architectures for all of the systems required to manufacture elsewhere on Earth, including the U.S. Some of Apple's current manufacturing processes surely are a manifestation of this pursuit, such as unibody construction. Interesting times.
Or they don't like the alternatives...There are probably a set of quite simple linear equations that when solved, provide the parameters for a 'best' solution. Knowing how to form those equations in the first place is the trick!The Chinese government was quite clever about how they went about the massive transfer of knowledge that has taken place in the last 20 years. They provided irresistible manufacturing conditions to western companies but ensured that those...
By Asia, you are obviously excluding Japan... (and Taiwan and Singapore and forgive me if I've left out obvious others)!
Yes... but once we reach a tipping point, you might long for these, good 'ol days!
This thread has promise, don't let it die.
So, a U.S. company whose then CEO sat on Apple's board of directors, is assisting Taiwanese HTC to damage wherever possible, Apple's core business. Corporate America at its best!
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