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Thanks for the information and links. All the best.
I'm reading A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram currently. This is sold as an application rather than ePub, no doubt due to the formatting control required by the publisher and perhaps its size of 1200 pages. However, one misses out on the reading modes provided by iBooks and other features. There is room therefore it seems, for great improvements that no doubt will come. I have a short story on the iBookstore - good fun. All the best (happy new year).
Lol - comedic posts do have a nice tendency to relieve the tension, well done. All the best.
Excellent examples! I'd add 2001 and Forbidden Planet (especially considering the latter's antiquity!)
Always in the future - fingers in ears - lalalalalalala \ By the way, this site was never better than when Apple was utterly in the minority. The difference with today, market share and trolls.
I've designed with Flash and completely overlooked the language that Dan used. \ However, perhaps unified memory isn't too far away - http://cacm.acm.org/news/104104-ncsu...evice/fulltext
Apple is diversifying its capability geographically and technologically, a smart move.
With respect however, that's not how it's working. Where's the improved iPad? Where's the improved compact notebook (MacBook Air class)? Where's the improvement on SIRI? (Fair enough, that last question is facetious... we'll await Majel to answer that Question!)"Majel, are you an improvement over SIRI?" "Of course I am, I am the original trekker!"
Yes, that API. \ You had said Can't wait for the Siri API. That's really going to blow people away. This suggested that the API is not yet available. I am not an iOS developer, I don't know whether the API is available yet. Best
So, in the video showing SIRI starting a car, was that not done through the use of the API?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPCpqXyFA8U All the best.
New Posts  All Forums: