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Your list will grow. \
I slept in Father's room the night he passed away. Toward the end, I tried to match his breathing and realised that I couldn't. My experience seems quite similar to that of Steve's loved ones. My father however, was 91. Life is seldom fair, we just have to do the best we can with what we are given. Take care.
I suppose you use Apple's Activity Monitor to see what is happening to your RAM. I have the same system as yours. Safari just keeps sipping and sucking on RAM until it's all gone. I currently have about 80 MB free with Safari accounting for about 1.2 GB of my 12.All the best.
I would really like to know whether there is a 15" MacPadPro in the lab. Technologically, it cannot be that far away. Perhaps with a unified memory technology (non-Flash, RAM, HD) and touch version of Mac OS. What other new (horizon) technologies would be incorporated? Best.
I will be interesting to see how smoothly the remotely sensed (aircraft) images transition to local (vehicle) images when zooming in on a subject, assuming Apple goes for a continuous zoom rather than a specific transition to a street view.
I hope that you are correct! Best.
...and Samsung is Korean, a country closely allied to the United States. Important I believe. Best.
Dick - thanks for the tip. All the best.
Dick - thanks for that, very interesting. All the best.
I do not think that you had any idea or you would, or should, have been circumspect. I run Word on my Mac under OS X. It isn't the Word that is run under Windows but I still call it Word. I run Pages under OS X and iOS. They aren't exactly the same but have the same feel. The same for Keynote and Numbers. They both run iTunes, an App store and cloud services. Safari and Mail too. Pick holes in the necessary differences if you want, your argument was still b.s.
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