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The trolls just cannot resist. Perhaps the other manufacturers should simply charge more and make larger profits. That would change the picture. \S...y seems to think that those who buy Apple products have no choice, that they are destined to buy whatever Apple offers. This is the only way that Apple could sell such expensive products and across all products be the most profitable. Perhaps if the other manufacturers charged a whole lot more, we Apple lemmings would...
It's still too soon to not feel this way. \
We're on fire tonight! Breast fed music must be healthier!
I guess that at the moment, security and cost of manufacture are the issues, shipping it seems is quite cheap. Apparently for example, it costs about $25 per tonne to ship ore from Australia to Europe.
It may be that one day, intercontinental shipping costs will severely impact profitability. Brazil servicing South America, Turkey servicing Europe and the Middle East, China servicing Asia and (eventually?), South Africa supplying Africa is a developing pattern that will permit overland transportation. Therefore, manufacturing will in all likelihood return to the U.S. or Canada to cover North America. Did Steve Jobs say in his response to Obama's question, that 'those...
It's all cool!
We had a QuickTake 100. I would still have some of the images on floppy! As I have a functioning LC somewhere, they might just be accessible. Eight, 24 bit images at 640x480 pixels (300kB). Generated a lot of interest. It will be sitting in a box in a lab somewhere. \ All the best.
The accelerometer and gyroscope will both be MEMs devices. I wonder where Apple ranks in purchases of these devices?
Have it and having a go - familiar appearance!
Great news indeed. All the best.
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