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Lol - A moderator might but not us everyday Joes! Enjoy!
Your statement misconstrues Apple's (and previously Steven Jobs') assertions in this respect in about as few words as possible - congratulations.
I posted this link to a judgement:http://articles.law360.s3.amazonaws....doc_num-93.pdf Motorola revoked two licenses months after Apple had actually begun manufacturing systems using components that were previously covered by those licenses. Not one single manufacturer on Earth in any industry could survive the consequences of a judgement in Motorola's favour.The judgement upholds Apple's use of anti-trust language. Motorola is desperate in asserting claims based on a...
Surely this is a very bright light at the end on a now not nearly so scary, dark tunnel. The real question is... will you let a new acquaintance join your personal hotspot? Answer me that! (Perhaps if he, she or it thinks that you are hot!)
Strange bedfellows!
If you are running Lion (10.7.3), try upgrading to 5.1.3. Just a thought. Also, have a look at the Activity Monitor in Utilities and see how much free memory you have. Safari can suck up all that is available over time and then Flash really plays up. Just quitting and re-starting Safari will free up a lot of memory. (Apple is working on this problem and I think that the latest update addressed this specific issue. Safari now for me, doesn't claim free memory the way...
Not to be disrespectful, however, at the time of the release of the first iPhone either there was nothing available that by your definition could have been considered modern or multi-touch was not obvious. Multi-touch is not essential to a modern phone, only to one that its manufacturer hopes will compete on its merits. Still, I'm not completely familiar with the market at the time. I could be wrong. \ All the best.
[S] No, only Motorola's patents deserve higher royalties, wouldn't be fair for Moto to miss out because others charged too much. [/S]
The term RAND is apparently also used in the U.S. alongside FRAND. Not by accident however, the 'F' is dropped with great intention it seems. \ Interesting that in parts of the world, for any contract to be valid, it must be shown to be fair on all parties and can be challenged on this basis. Don't know about the U.S.
Sorry:http://articles.law360.s3.amazonaws....doc_num-93.pdf Hope that works. \
New Posts  All Forums: