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How many days do you think that 200 hours equates to? In your case, the iPhone sounds ideal.I suspect that the iPhone 4S is a vast improvement over my iPhone 4, not some minor spec bump. The operating system is entrained in shooting video, through for example shake reduction and in employing the Siri derived voice capabilities. These two features alone will have demanded much greater capability of the processor and OS and so, battery life seems quite impressive next to...
The A5 is fuel hungry and yet talk time is up to 1 hour greater than for the iPhone 4, if specs are to be believed. Why did you pick standby? Why not rejoice in longer talk times!
What on Earth are you talking about?
I'm sure that you are!
You know, in respect of hardware, the phone probably could have been released earlier. This release though is as much about iOS 5 as the phone and so, it was quite possibly software maturity that has led to this release date. Who knows what other factors might have influenced this release, such as battery technology. My understanding is that Apple invests quite heavily in battery research. The new phone is faster (which with CMOS technology equates linearly with power...
The only 'panic' here is in the posts of Amazoids and possibly fandroids who are desperate for something (anything) that can put Apple in its place! Fine - no one cares! Post your android market share statistics, price point arguments, form factor arguments and 'echo-system' arguments. We've read them all and the pervading theme is simply a tirade against the iPad. Gone are the arguments about the iPad not being a computer and about Apple's walled garden. Consider...
Glad you asked! True mobility and functionality combined. I cycle to meetings and teaching assignments etc. The reduced mass over my 15" MBP is significant in this respect. I can present information and lectures from the iPad quite happily.This just highlights our differing requirements - your uses and mine are equally valid. I have all of my papers, other documents and data visualisation images and videos on my iPad. I record data to it, use it as a calculator (with...
...and I use my first generation iPad every day, making it one of the most useful tools that I have ever owned. Don't need iOS 5 for that.
This has been my experience with dual-disk Lacie drives.
Actually, one of Numbers' strengths I believe, at least under iOS, is the handling of dates/time. Very nice. I use Numbers on the iPad quite happily for certain number entry functions, where inputs are mixed date, time and numeric data.
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