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Does this mean that the trolls will finally go home, or is AI their preferred home now (with us being such a friendly bunch )? The expression that is probably appropriate right now is that Apple is crying all the way to the bank!
It took real courage to include a voice recognition/interpretation capability as a key feature of a new OS! Microsoft and Google don't have that courage, Steve Jobs and Apple did. Apple might have bought the core technologies but these had to fit within a longer term vision, not just become some cute add-on. Steve talked about the vision over many years, going back at least one and one-half decades.I would not be embarrassed to talk with a real-life PA in public,...
I guess we'll start seeing Android phones with one or two line alphanumeric displays, after all, what more does one need to display a phone number. \ (Those displays will be wider than Apple's display though!)
Sure, Taiwan ia an ally, however, no one can be certain that it can remain a long-term partner. \
Next to Japan, which country in Asia is most trusted by the US as a long-term partner? Samsung is important to Apple, it would not surprise me at all for Tim to work hard at smoothing the relationship between the two companies. Further, I'll bet that it is in Tim's nature to do so.
Now, if we can get a memory technology into the iPad/iPhone to replace both the RAM and Flash memory in affordable, tens of GB capacities, these systems would be unstoppable, unapproachable and even way cooler! All the best.
Depending on just when you look at Apple in 1997, the company had a cash position of about US$1.2B, Microsoft about US$3.7B. Apple was hardly near bankruptcy but then, why upset one of the common myths. \
Good one eh!
If you're interested, try typing some of the same questions into Wolfram Alpha.http://www.wolframalpha.com/ Not sure if I had said this elsewhere although I have certainly thought it, that Apple should seek ties with Wolfram. Steven Wolfram is working hard on the semantic web and I'll bet, making great progress. All the best.
If by empire, you are referring to the current communist regime, well, it hasn't been around that long. Furthermore, it is communist by authority but not perhaps in a practical sense.
New Posts  All Forums: