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Great news indeed. All the best.
Wolfram|Alpha brings most of the capability of Mathematica to focus in a browser window. Once a user is permitted to (1) enter multiple lines of code including conditionals and (2) enter even a limited data set, uses for the site will grow dramatically. For example, a classic, entry level physics experiment is that employing a pendulum to determine the local value of 'g'. Even a single line of code? and less than 1 kB of data would provide useful instruction material...
Ditto!Bungie as you would be aware, was in quite a vulnerable position at the time of their purchase (rescue?). I believe that it is again independent.
Steve Jobs and Steven Wolfram seem to have had a close relationship and high mutual respect. Mathematica has been available on the Mac from the beginning. I'd imagine that Steven Wolfram desires an independent company more than riches, he wrote Mathematica after all as a vehicle for his own research and so perhaps there is an agreement between the two companies that Wolfram products will always be available on Apple products but that Wolfram remains independent. I had...
Good one - thanks for putting that up. EDIT - love the conversation!
I lecture in university in a technical field. I too hope beyond hope that Apple introduces a package as intimated. I've used an iPad for tutorial presentations but my MBP for lectures due to the eclectic nature of my demonstrations etc. This likely wouldn't change but would probably be impacted by developments. I have a short story on iBooks to which I applied only the most basic formatting. Having greater expectations would have been quite frustrating, though there...
This guy should know: Similarly, Dell CEO Michael Dell told an audience in Bangalore, India, on Monday that tablets and smartphones are not a preferable way to browse the Web compared to computers. Dell has not had success in the smartphone market and failed in its brief foray into tablets, though the company plans to return this year, Reuters reports. From: http://edition.cnn.com/2012/01/12/te...tml?hpt=hp_bn9 \
Was there a live demonstration of anything approaching Siri at CES? I saw video of a video of someone commanding a TV by voice. Was this followed up by a live demonstration? In respect of Kinect, I've used the Xbox, Kinect system. It's great fun in games where imprecise responses to movement of the player are grudgingly acceptable but is laboured when commanding the system under circumstances where precision is required, such as in selecting a menu item.
Hear hear! Surely technical documents that currently require a distinct application present a significant opportunity (to which others have alluded).
Thanks for the information and links. All the best.
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