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If you are running Lion (10.7.3), try upgrading to 5.1.3. Just a thought. Also, have a look at the Activity Monitor in Utilities and see how much free memory you have. Safari can suck up all that is available over time and then Flash really plays up. Just quitting and re-starting Safari will free up a lot of memory. (Apple is working on this problem and I think that the latest update addressed this specific issue. Safari now for me, doesn't claim free memory the way...
Not to be disrespectful, however, at the time of the release of the first iPhone either there was nothing available that by your definition could have been considered modern or multi-touch was not obvious. Multi-touch is not essential to a modern phone, only to one that its manufacturer hopes will compete on its merits. Still, I'm not completely familiar with the market at the time. I could be wrong. \ All the best.
[S] No, only Motorola's patents deserve higher royalties, wouldn't be fair for Moto to miss out because others charged too much. [/S]
The term RAND is apparently also used in the U.S. alongside FRAND. Not by accident however, the 'F' is dropped with great intention it seems. \ Interesting that in parts of the world, for any contract to be valid, it must be shown to be fair on all parties and can be challenged on this basis. Don't know about the U.S.
Sorry:http://articles.law360.s3.amazonaws....doc_num-93.pdf Hope that works. \
Motorola revoked licenses to particular chip manufacturers, who at the time had valid licenses, well after Apple had not only designed those chips into products but had been manufacturing with them for some time.According to a judgement here:http://articles.law360.s3.amazonaws....doc_num-93.pdfMoto might be on the losing end of this. \
A judge has already ruled in Apple's favour on a contention that Motorola might have no choice but to make patents previously committed to FRAND licensing available under those terms. This judge also ruled in Apple's favour over the notion of possible antitrust against Motorola. Google might be digging itself a mighty deep hole! The court documents that you have cited are in regard to this case - 11-cv-178-bbc. Actually, the outcomes are quite damning toward Motorola. ...
The court documents that you have cited are in regard to this case - 11-cv-178-bbc. Actually, the outcomes are quite damning toward Motorola. The court found in favour of Apple in all but one claim, the one being dismissed on technical grounds. Even in respect of antitrust behaviour below (taken verbatim from the court documents):b. Antitrust Apple contends that Motorola violated the antitrust laws by making false licensing commitments to standards setting organizations...
I agree with you that it is not hypocritical to use Apple products but also to hold Apple to high(er) standards of ethical and moral behaviour. However, I firmly believe that Apple management and especially Tim Cook, probably expect higher standards of their suppliers and manufacturers in China than even the Chinese government, which should be at the forefront of protecting its citizen's interests. Any of the workers in these factories who are considered migrant workers...
He's a double agent.
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