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I hope that you are correct! Best.
...and Samsung is Korean, a country closely allied to the United States. Important I believe. Best.
Dick - thanks for the tip. All the best.
Dick - thanks for that, very interesting. All the best.
I do not think that you had any idea or you would, or should, have been circumspect. I run Word on my Mac under OS X. It isn't the Word that is run under Windows but I still call it Word. I run Pages under OS X and iOS. They aren't exactly the same but have the same feel. The same for Keynote and Numbers. They both run iTunes, an App store and cloud services. Safari and Mail too. Pick holes in the necessary differences if you want, your argument was still b.s.
You do realise that the iPad and iPhone are running OS X, right? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't, however, that probably doesn't matter, you'll just bully readers regardless with b.s.
Surely you understand that Android device manufacturers are desperately trying to differentiate their product from the competition. They don't care less whether they give you a 3" or 5" smartphone screen or a 5" or 7" tablet screen, just so long as they can separate themselves from the pack. I say again, they only care about differentiating their product. Apple does not need to play that game. The iPad was and always will be, at the confluence of technology, cost and...
Okay - got that thanks. I did feel that you inference was a more general criticism, however, I am happy to concede.You really are just full of it...
That's just it right? If you had truly productive tasks to perform, to which a tablet computer were suited, you wouldn't be sprouting this b.s. All you are interested in, according to your own words, are web sites that rely on the laziness of flash to entertain. Go grab a netbook then and don't clutter up this thread!
This is so true. The success of the first iPad vindicated Apple's (Steve Jobs') approach and validated further development of the art.
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