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That would be a blatant rip-off... and no one at Google would countenance that!
Google must be facing a dilemma in working advertising into spoken responses. "Majel, will I need my umbrella today?" "I do not understand 'dumb fella'?" "No, my umbrella, will I need my umbrella today?" "Acme umbrellas is one block north of your current location. They make an excellent range of affordable umbrellas. Rain is not forecast for your location today." \
Mathematica, Pages and VectorWorks are what my Macs were made for! I didn't realise however, the closeness of the relationship between Steven Wolfram and Steven Jobs. Perhaps one day, I'll be saying that Siri is what my Macs were made for... Onwards and upwards.
In respect of HP, they simply missed the personal computer revolution. HP was best placed to own this market, it had excellent if not visionary*, leadership, technical brilliance, a competent software capability and before-its-time manufacturing capability. I believe that what is now Agilent should have kept the HP name, which is more in line with the company's original business and today's HP some other name, especially after absorbing Compac. This way at least, the...
I used to be indecisive, however... now I'm not so sure. \
That shot has shortened the auditorium considerably! The crowds are all the more remarkable given the size of the main concourse!
No you don't!
I do too (my kids that is ). All the best.
Amazing to think that in Grand Central, there is somewhere that is actually out of the way.
If indeed Apple is working on a TV, I am particularly interested to know to what extent a final product will result from a pre-determined, Steven Jobs' ordained path and whether there remains any major decisions to be made. In other words, will Steve's fully realised vision be implemented or were there unknowns in the execution that will require major work, such as negotiations with third party content providers? Interesting times. \ EDIT - Wrong thread - sorry...
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