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I'm increasingly convinced that the Watch will very soon be a watch in name and minor functionality, only. I prefer to think that the goal for this device is biometrics input. I just cannot imagine that what Apple has revealed is in any sense the prime objective for this device. I'll say again that I think spectrometry will feature at some point. Best wishes.
'Gestalt-Ingenieur' is a title but also such a term of endearment, doubtless appropriate to Ive. 
Just keep in mind that the article is not completely accurate. YAG is not a phosphor but a garnet class crystal. Cerium doped YAG functions as a white light phosphor. When doped with neodymium, YAG is used as a laser crystal capable of operating at high intensities in the IR. The dopant is the key. (NdYAG lasers are used to range to the reflector packages left on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts.)  
Relic isn't actually a troll. Even though I disagree with many/most posts, they're well considered.
OF COURSE THEY DO! An architect who doesn't think structurally won't be long in a job. :-)
Okay, so what is the current art in 64 bit processors besides Apple's offering? I've lost sight of what other phone manufacturers are offering currently and into the near future, considering that Apple is now second generation 64 bit shipped. Is Samsung shipping anything from a 14 nm die?
Wish you a speedy recovery. 
The issue with zoom, if there is one, could be a result of the way crown data are captured and depend on the sensing mechanism (analogue capture, digitised later or digital capture). This issue would be well understood and quickly resolved. I cannot believe that the biggest feature of the Watch will be either capturing heart rate or ApplePay. I have a nagging feeling that the delay, if not simply a production/materials-component availability/software issue, has something...
Do you have the foggiest idea of what it takes to innovate? No, I didn't think so! Held a 6 Plus for the first time last night. A beautiful product, technologically ahead of everything on the market in respect of both hardware and software. Design is always a tradeoff between form and function, Ive and his team have produced a brilliant outcome. Communications within Apple must be brilliant too, to have new hardware such as the M7 and new software (including APIs) embodied...
In contrast to the idiot remark you quoted (the only time I see them), is the remarkable sight of an Apple product release pulling crowds, in Paris no less and not an iPhone, iPad or Mac in sight! Cook, Ive and the team have hit a home run. :-)
New Posts  All Forums: