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So why didn't MS simply announce a VR headset? It has nothing to do with holography.
 Are you referring to the capability of this device or holography in general?
Where is the promo video?   Thanks.
...and not one of them has sweaty armpits! (Well, can't tell really but I'm willing to believe - cool!)
Okay, I've read Wired's piece on this and two interesting bits of information come out:   [1] The device has a CPU, GPU and an HPU, a 'holographic processing unit'. It also has a 'depth processing camera'. Looking good, if a little hard to believe, for holography.   [2] The device has 'two lenses'. I have no idea what this means but alarm bells are ringing. (The author didn't pursue details.) If the lenses are in fact, translucent/transparent screens onto which...
Sorry but not true. What you saw in Star Wars was fantasy and the 'projected' images were not holograms. A hologram is the appearance of a three dimensional image produced by a 2 dimensional interference pattern. I agree that the headset probably doesn't create true holographic images, as the computational overhead would be quite massive but if they are displaying an appropriate, computed interference pattern, then yes, they are producing holographic images. The most...
Without knowing the circumstances, I suppose that at least some apartments are separately, privately owned (as opposed to being leased from a single owner). Their values should appreciate considerably upon completion of Apple's new HQ.
Of course, Watch, not iWatch - thank you Unfortunate mistake at just that juncture.
Just as well, although I'd love to know what my iWatch would have to say about that. Would any alarm be subtle enough?
Troxler's fading - love it.    We perceive the world visually via an eye-brain system. Together they do remarkable things, such as filling in missing or incomplete information but can be tricked too by the drive to make sense of the world. A bit like people in general really. 
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