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 ...and if we work you over, maybe a future iOS user!   (We need the numbers... no we don't... Gollum, get lost!)
 ...and yes, there is no sarcasm tag in my post because it wasn't sarcastic but my take on a near future eventuality. :)
Apple can and will implement a fix for this hack that will render it useless and can be applied to the existing hardware with an update.   All the best.
 Someone had waaaay too much time on his or her hands. :) Well done Apple! Boom. :)
 Samesung should have a field day mocking all those happy people! Did I say happy people, as in happy with their new iPhone 5S/C, purchased after waiting in line? Funny the things that desperate Sammy chooses to mock.
 So, not just every man but his dog too. Staff or customer? If the latter, do you have it yet?
 Didn't you know, can't get them is Straya now till October sometime! On another note, iOS 7 on my 5 is just great, very pleased. On another, 'nother note, chatting with two long term PC users this morning after our Friday morning ride, both likely to buy Macs soon after their experiences with the iPad. Halo hasn't slipped here!
I'm giving Levinson the benefit of the doubt here. He seems to be particularly interested in this issue (age related health) and surely won't be sucked in by the likes of Schmidt. This venture seems to require (or will promote) research at a level above practical implementation of software or hardware on mobile devices currently. I'm of an age where I hope that they work miracles lol.
 Let us know about your experience. :)
I agree with AnandTech in describing 'the iPhone 5s as "quite possibly the biggest S-update we've ever seen from Apple."' In previous years, the new phone would have been worthy of a new model number. However, with analysts inane obsession with bigger screens, appearance and lower prices, Apple was this year severely constrained. The upgrade to the camera system will prove significant, the fingerprint sensor, if reliable, revolutionary and the A7/M7 duo enormously...
New Posts  All Forums: