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 There's no imperative for an iWatch to sport an opening or seal of any kind. In fact, disappointing if it does.
 Would have thought 'curved' rather than 'flexible'. Sensors would need to be in close proximity to the skin. A greater number of sensors or sensor area would require more contact area. I still favour dress watch, less display, as we have previously discussed.
 Calibration becomes (vitally) important once one attempts to assign real world numbers to sensed data. You raise an interesting point. :-)
It's done frequently, context decides.
That's what he is doing  Such a bold statement nonetheless.
Yay! Almost can't wait... except that on my deadline I hope to get quite a bit completed before next Monday, so the time can drag, that's okay by me (sigh). 
Have you beheld a Mac Pro 'in the metal'? No one who does thinks again about justifying a purchase (unless one's wife and household budget are involved)! :-)
I was looking at TAG Heuer watches, such as this one: https://shop-au.tagheuer.com/en/calibre-1887-automatic-chronograph-41-mm-car2111-ba0720.html ...which costs $5,850 locally and noted that one prominent feature is the use of a sapphire crystal cover glass. Apple might not be aiming for this market (is most surely not aiming for this market) but I'm becoming convinced that any iWatch will emulate such as these, be packed with sensing technology and as you wrote...
Actually, I looked at this some time ago and just realised that I told only half the story - sorry. Battery capacities to which I was referring were those capable of being recharged solely by a watch face solar panel, such as employed in my lovely Citizen Eco-Drive. With modern battery technology and external charging, I'm sure that at least an order of magnitude improvement in performance would be possible, providing perhaps an acceptable recharging regime. I agree 100%...
As someone who has had 4 operating systems running on a single Mac, I sympathise with your position. I also had Windoze running very successfully on my 12" PowerPC PowerBook (remember those) however and in fact, in what I was using it for which required a USB <----> RS232C dongle, it was 100% reliable. However, perhaps it is time to move on (although I am not necessarily arguing for the move as I do not understand fully the implications). Some benefits might be, a code...
New Posts  All Forums: