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There were so many hints in that video, I don't think Apple has produced one like it previously. I liked the family tracking their 'lost' dog...
Alex was previously with Maxim... I have used their ICs and love 'em. Great company to have on ones CV. http://www.maximintegrated.com/en.html   Welcome aboard Alex.
Why do we have, 'alleged mockups' and 'questionable rumours'? A mockup is not the real deal and a rumour isn't a report.   A 5.5" iPhone would be an interesting proposition from my perspective. I'm due for a new iPad and iPhone in September and rather than buying both, the obvious question is whether the iPhone alone would suffice. With some advances, it might. Pertinent to my thinking is that:   [1] I wear glasses now to read anything on a device smaller than my...
Of course. 
I hope (and trust) that Apple gets this right because the thought of Google led health monitoring is truly frightening. We could well be living through an historic epoch in the emergence of a new industry.
I feel that Raman spectroscopy looks very promising - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raman_spectroscopy. There is scope for miniaturisation in this technique and a Raman spectrometer can sample tiny volumes, non-invasively, very accurately. Just not sure about detector sensitivity~integration time. One day, Raman spectrometry in miniature form will make a splash. All the best.
If the sensors were in EarPods, the functionality would be enhanced, dramatically in some respects. I believe that one of the biggest drivers of child visits to GPs in the US is ear infection. EarPods could be used to detect this using activated polymers and sense ear pressure to ensure that music isn't played too loudly - a serious concern for young people in a connected age. However, this would be an ancillary system rather than a constantly worn iWatch. Definitely a...
...and in the context of this device, Apple would not, could not, get away with calling some of these sensors. Of course, Apple isn't a party to the conversation, the device might include 5 body condition sensors and the 5 current ones you've listed.
Thanks for your reply. What you have argued is important to what might be possible. Knowledge empowers but often we deliberately avoid knowing. It's amazing to what degree we'll go to ignore developing issues. My brother did, apparently knew for years he might have problems in his large bowel (of which I was unaware) and died of bowel cancer last year. However, education and information push to greater knowledge and the opportunity to make informed decisions. I'm going...
A San Diego aficionado. La Jolla under the 'June Gloom' or even a 'May Grey' are no less wonderful places. :-)
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