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 With the release of the 5C and the young demographic to whom it would be attractive, tying any future biometric device or service only to the 5S would be out of the question, surely.
 Thank you for your kind thoughts and the information you passed along. You might recall from many years ago, the advent of supervisory chips that were designed to perform basic housekeeping functions at very low power. The M7 is a modern and vastly expanded implementation and perhaps, all that the iWatch will require (perhaps in concert with an iPhone). Did you know too that MEMs devices such as accelerometers and (later), gyroscopes, have been around for about 15...
I'm a hardware guy but have some questions which for want of time I should research myself. Perhaps those who actually know the answers could fill me in, thanks:   • Is the A7 the first 64 bit processor to go into a phone? Does every non-serial component sit on a 64 bit bus? • Are the new imaging capabilities such as burst mode, high fidelity imaging and ultra-high speed imaging (120 fps) leveraged directly of the power of the 64 bit processor. That is, have similar...
 Because he knew that Apple would look after him?   Store e-catalogue? This happens now. (I'd have taken my keys, iPad, iPhone and... oh, yes... something else, don't tell, I'll get this...)
There's something in the name Stanford - smart, educated and now... good looking too. 
 There was a precedent at the time. Hewlett-Packard was the era's supreme, vertically integrated computing/instrument manufacturer. Jobs and Wozniak learned many lessons at HP which they put into practice at Apple.
 Because DED remembers those days and is articulate in framing a response to the crap metered out to Apple faithful at the time.  Still, we had our fun, this post from around the beginning of Apple's renaissance (heading to mobile) in 2003 (with a few edits): The Trojan War began when prince Paris of Troy (Gates of Microsoft) abducted the beautiful Helen (GUI experience), wife of Menelaus (Jobs) of Sparta (the enlightened ones). Menelaus persuaded his brother Agamemnon...
Would have been great had Apple managed to acquire some of that vacant land across the intersection on which to build the store. It's a beautiful spot and would form a spectacular backdrop to these images, rather than the dull brown and off-white colours evident currently. (Okay, I'll say outright, 'tongue-in-cheek.)
 People care about their health. No more so than those who exercise or play sports. This is a large sector of most communities. A watch-like device is very, very convenient under these circumstances for quickly viewing whatever parameters are displayed. Useful parameters such as heart rate, speed, power output, distance covered, time, cadence, location, interval performance and management, blood oxygen and lactic acid levels during exercise, blood glucose levels, body...
 Me too, so this new one will be very convenient, a perfect fit one might say. My wants? A bigger iPad (and thinner too of course - and lighter and...) and full compatibility between iOS and OS X versions of Pages. Oh... and a front end under iOS to Mathematica on OS X. Thank you and good night.
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