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The Chinese would doubtless be pleased for the furniture to have been produced from Paulownia kawakami (Saphire Dragon), a (previously) economic timber in China but which is now regarded as critically endangered. Timber has a beautiful, light coloured texture and is prized in ornamental work. I have a couple growing that I'll use for this purpose when time permits. As noted previously however, no such romantic circumstance in modern stores.  
   As an iPhone user since the 3, I won't be going back from my 6 Plus unless the form factor is discontinued. Moved to the larger iPhone with trepidation but am completely won over. The screen is just big enough now to be useful for more than making calls or texting. I use a minimalist, translucent polymer case which makes the feel perfect. Couldn't go with a bare phone as I'd be worried about dropping. This wasn't an issue with my 5. However, happy to take the tradeoff...
Well done Apple. Happy to say that I have contributed to this current quarter's earnings. A couple of comments:   [1] My less-than-one-month-old iPhone 6 Plus already feels smaller in my (albeit big) hands. I'm pleased too that with my ageing eyes, I can read well formed web pages without my reading glasses.   [2] I use my 1st generation iPad every day. Wired magazine (which so often misses the plot regarding Apple) described the iPad's mundanity as a problem. This is...
Nothing in Wired's report indicates use of actual holography, certainly not the use of diffraction gratings. The author states that ...light bounces around millions of times in the so-called light engine. This is journalist speak for "I have no idea what is happening." The author also states that The device is more powerful than a laptop... but doesn't question the astounding implications of the claim. The report is full of these completely unchallenged statements which in...
You're kidding... why use the fancy notion of holography when it has nothing to do with holograms? You connect the dots. 
Sure, if you want. AR is simply a particular implementation built on VR.
So why didn't MS simply announce a VR headset? It has nothing to do with holography.
 Are you referring to the capability of this device or holography in general?
Where is the promo video?   Thanks.
...and not one of them has sweaty armpits! (Well, can't tell really but I'm willing to believe - cool!)
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