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I've looked at power requirements. An M7 chip clocked at even low-frequencies can still be more power hungry than the capacity of batteries in watches today that employ physical (motor driven) movements, by two orders of magnitude. I can't see how a smart watch today could get to within one order of magnitude. I agree, it just seems that we are currently perhaps, an order of magnitude behind the game in battery life and packaging over what we'd like to imagine an iWatch...
 My feeling is that an Apple watch would be barely discernible as a smart watch... more likely (possibly several) (elegant) dress watch designs. The watch would exhibit hands and hour markers and possibly a minute rail, a display watch face that provides limited data display and alerts (set by user preference and current activity) and possibly a dynamic bezel. The overriding interest for Apple however, would be the watch as a super transducer. Apple would pack as much...
So, he's been gone from Apple for a year, how did Apple ever survive the last 12 months?   https://twitter.com/kimon/status/469507190466695168
Enjoyed this interview. I'd like to think that one day, when I finally give up my first generation iPad, some of it will come back in the latest iPhone/iPad/Mac etc. Have 3.5 kW of solar at home, love it.
Busy, busy, busy innovating and expanding - Dan W. is a busy man, well done. 
 You're doing it all wrong! You're meant to be gnashing your teeth (and fretting and losing sleep and... all that).
Bullies, both individuals and corporate, fold when confronted. They are confronted on the street and the playground as individuals and in the courts as corporations... and which corporation has consistently lost in the courts? Scamsung is saving up a great deal of hurt for itself, its peers in industry won't soon forget the treachery. 
The real reason that messages disappeared, this should be obvious, is that they were too embarrassed to be seen on a Scamsung device. Should be suing Giggle.  
 I feel that this is more likely the particular reason for interest, thin, bright, low-power displays. At this juncture at least. All the best.
Perhaps Larry Ellison can complete the task that his friend Steven Jobs didn't have time to finish...
New Posts  All Forums: