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...and in the context of this device, Apple would not, could not, get away with calling some of these sensors. Of course, Apple isn't a party to the conversation, the device might include 5 body condition sensors and the 5 current ones you've listed.
Thanks for your reply. What you have argued is important to what might be possible. Knowledge empowers but often we deliberately avoid knowing. It's amazing to what degree we'll go to ignore developing issues. My brother did, apparently knew for years he might have problems in his large bowel (of which I was unaware) and died of bowel cancer last year. However, education and information push to greater knowledge and the opportunity to make informed decisions. I'm going...
A San Diego aficionado. La Jolla under the 'June Gloom' or even a 'May Grey' are no less wonderful places. :-)
As society in general has bought into the sugar industry enormously since the 1960s, witnessed by epidemic numbers of people who struggle every day with weight control, a device that accurately senses blood glucose levels, combined with education, could do very well. Even devoid of greater functionality, although such would go along, the iWatch could be a hit. The question is whether or not a miniature spectrometer could be built into a chassis. Probably not but the payoff...
Lol, for sure. I'm on a 5 but the contract will be concluded in September. The 3G is in perfect nick, good battery life still (the whole day with my wife's usage) and will be going back into its box as a momento to history (I'd love to have my 512k Mac with its original soft carry bag still).
I'm still using a first generation iPad every day and my wife, an iPhone 3G. No updates to iOS 7 there. Both and more to be replaced soon however.
Apple... class! Shamesung... crass! (What a crass observation... don't care lol)
Thought so :-)
Apple leadership would be aware of advances made to other products and features that work but still marches to its own drum. You can be certain too that other manufacturers look to Apple in every attempt to add capabilities, half-baked if necessary, that will give bragging rights in their attempts to catch up. Apple is ahead of the game even where it isn't in the market lol... do you own a smart watch incidentally? It might be argued that any wearable that Apple introduces...
Apple introduced a product (products) that caught competitors napping. These products are being improved as technology (hardware and software) permit. Apple isn't playing catch up to anyone. Ignore the trolls, be they the public or the press, not worth the effort to read. You and I have better things to do with our time. 
New Posts  All Forums: