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Thanks for that! (Does your wife happen to have an account on AppleInsider?) I agree, better to know ones limits and live within ones means. If you can still buy a new iMac, how good is that!
Out of interest, are you prepared to comment on why, with a price differential of US$200, you are interested in an i5 over an i7? (Sorry - just a brief detour!) Regards.
Teckstud, I don't particularly like the glare either but overall, a brilliant package. Add to that Mathematica... gorgeous!
A helpful first post - thanks. Chalk one up for the 27" iMac then.
There's one on the bottom left at least.
Ready to order - interested in experiences...
If by 'bike' you mean bicycle, I'm envious. I would like so much to have had my bike in Central Park in July of last year when I was visiting. What a fantastic venue for cycling! I ride a Trek Madone. All of us who've used Macs for some time will remember the small store owner who did his best to support the local community of users. It's sad that they often had such a hard time but the future for Apple in marketing is perhaps obvious when one considers the income...
Just for the record techstud, I for one didn't read anything offensive into your statements about the Upper West Side. Just for comparison though, if you're interested, see if you can find an image of the entry to subway station 72. Lot's of design cues in there. Perhaps Apple expects their new store to be as busy... Best.
These are modern stores featuring modern architecture and modern products.
One might never be in a position to walk into a Porsche dealership and say "I'll have that GT3 over there" but with a little motivation and going without, one could aspire to a new Mac each year or two. \Techstud, you shouldn't allow yourself to be taken in so easily! Take care.
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