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The same question would have been asked many, many times during the Industrial Revolution.
Volume AND profit... but, but, but... Android is more popular!
I agree. Obvious beyond question. \
At least for me, CS5 - PS, AI, ID and DW all started up, allowed me to create a document and the quit each without incident. Not exactly stress testing, although for Adobe... perhaps Windows 7 under Parallels on Lion was good for me, even performed some upgrades - you know, that's a bit like open heart surgery (or daycare on the Mac \)
Yours is an interesting and perceptive view and I feel that you have a valid argument. It seems that everyone except Apple does this... Apple's perspective, here's the best we can do, perhaps your life will be a little better off for it. \ All the best.
Very good! (Even two days would be worrying.)
I honestly think that Eric Schmidt's days at Google are numbered. \ Now, to the earnings call. All the best.
I gave up responding to Mode, as I knew others would respond much more succinctly that I.
Just checking!
Okay - and on what authority do you make your assertions. FOFW!
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