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Huh? The drama queen leaving with the Prom Queen!
That's so interesting. I think that the original iPad display is great. I read all (scientific) papers on the iPad now, I haven't printed one off for ages. I mark papers up too. I've given classes from my iPad (since last year) but would greatly appreciate the mirroring capability of the new one, reason enough for buying. Please keep thinking up reasons for me to buy an iPad 2, I'm sure that I could find a perfectly legitimate use for my existing one, although to be...
A couple of questions I have are: ° How many people would never buy a computer beyond the most basic PC? ° How many of those people love their TV and have a reasonably broad pipe outside the home? The answers would probably be demographically quite distinct (or not) but might give an indication of the potential for AppleTV as a viable business. Removing the notion of a computer from the equation might be quite compelling. The musings of a casual observer. \
I surrender!
Good try but I got through that one without saying sh..... once! I have no idea whether Apple is interested in a tv or not, however, if they are it won't be tv as we know it. (I know, just stating the obvious!)
The question I'd like answered Dick, is why the girl sells C cells by the sea shore? Surely, it's not to power a new wave of devices!
Do you think that Apple is getting to the point where it needs an in-house display capability as with processors in the iPad, or at least a capability more directly under their control? Anyone know of investments by Apple in such areas as mems display technologies or other?
One could have made that statement 10 years ago! (Not to belittle your argument though. )
I guess that in the final analysis, it's a matter of affordable hardware and unbeatable services, the ecosystem. Can Apple be successful there? Guess I know why I am just a spectator! \
Have one for me! (Remember VHS vs. Betamax?)
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