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Write a book, Dick, write a book! \I too believe that Tim Cook is and will be, a fantastic CEO.Get well Steve!
Bear in mind that: (1) The role of CEO of the world's most valuable technology company would exhaust most, completely fit men. Fortunately, Tim Cook is up to the task! (2) Steve is probably recognising the fact that after such an extended period of time as acting CEO, Tim would be under unreasonable pressure having to report to someone who might not, from day-to-day be available. Hopefully, this decision will give Steve a greater opportunity to manage his health...
My iPhone doesn't live in a 'walled garden'... it just doesn't sleep around.
Before Apple reached the heights that it now enjoys, there was practically none of the conflict on this site that is now witnessed. Says enough I think. \
Now, as your message squeezed in later, Nelson is going to think that you were commenting on his post... and so on it goes.
Glad that you find it all so amusing! Perhaps you weren't referring to my post above, however I believe that one should be discerning all the same. Further, if you were thinking of my post, did I say that I am worried? I use Macs!
That's great. I don't take security on any of my OS X (and iOS) devices for granted and am careful about where I go on the web. Still, this cannot alone account for my complete freedom over 24 years from problems of viruses and malware. \ All the best.
I and I'm sure many others here do not give one iota about Android. You obviously have an interest in iOS, for good or ill.
In my long experience as a Mac user, it's been a case of when, not if since about 1987. \Me to!
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