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Every young, fit office worker in SF knows that a dualie is way cooler than a regular road bike. Stopping can be tough but if a lawyer is riding one, he/she can sue whatever it is that gets in the way. (Kinda fits the whole MS ethos.)
Remember this name? (Silly question \)http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Zeiss_Ikon It's being revived.
With large raw image sizes now quite common and the capacity of camera memory cards to store large numbers of large files, perhaps Canon employing Thunderbolt would be newsworthy.
A live-back, Canon DSLR has been able to be controlled from Apple computers directly for some time. (Of course, you were referring specifically to the iPad, I understand that \)
I have recently purchased a Nikon DSLR for my son, my first non-Canon camera purchase in as long as I can remember. Canon seems to be stagnating, is this perception flawed? I hope so. \A meaningful collaboration with Apple could only be good for Canon. How about the possibility of bringing the A5 and other features to Canon hardware? (Just chewing the cud there - no, not weed! (At least, I don't think so!))
Excellent conjecture! I too knew someone who had DOS wrapped around his little finger and who railed against Windows 3.1 as a fad and something he could not accept as true computing.Perhaps I should have said in my previous post that 'This could well be a non-Apple centric, generational phenomenon. Those of us who are pre-PC in age would understand...'I wonder how many of those who cannot accept an iPad as being a computer grew up using Macs? My guess would be not many...
This could well be a generational phenomenon. Those of us who are pre-PC in age would understand...
...and the term personal computer was coined in the first place so that the masses who were taking an interest in owning one (and who now are buying the iPad) could be confident that they were buying an actual computer. The iPad as a computer is post-PC and is re-defining computing, just as the adoption of microprocessors and the term personal computer did all those years ago.
Shouting match! The iPad IS a computer - what planet are you on?
This is happening now! Only, it isn't restricted to any particular platform but to any with an Internet connection. I recently upgraded my Mathematica (http://www.wolfram.com) license to version 8. It now has two distinct input modes, one being the traditional programmable mode that I employ, the other, an upgrade to what was previously available where expressions are evaluated immediately. This second mode however, was redesigned to look and feel like...
New Posts  All Forums: