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Have one for me! (Remember VHS vs. Betamax?)
To present and future trolls out there and just so that in 5 years time we are clear about this, yes, we are well aware that the TV existed before Apple TV, just as did mobile phones, portable music players and tablet computers. \
Enjoyed the commentary. I have a colleague who is so disparaging about the iPad and iOS, which I believe he hasn't yet even tried, that I have thought about buying him an iPad and saying, 'try this, write an honest commentary on it and you can keep it, otherwise give it back'. Either way I cannot lose and who knows, he might just learn something. \ (The risk of course is that his honest commentary might be equally disparaging. That's a risk I'm up for!)
What interest does Google have in open source? More like open source... wink, wink, say no more! \
mstone - you have class!
You've been around SMS speak way too long... (I do get it now that you point it out however)!
Perhaps not! Over time:° To the Zune initiated, the tat will symbolise that it was great while it lasted. (Even though it probably wasn't.)° To the uninitiated and unknowledgeable, it will be just a pretty tattoo. (Doesn't look too bad.)° To the uninitiated though knowledgeable, well... just leave the sleeve rolled down!Does Bill Gates ever comment on developments in public, anyone know of any interviews?
Interesting - thanks. Perhaps we can reflect again on brentbordelon's words:Originally Posted by brentbordelon What Microsoft should do is QUIT trying to catch up with everyone else and start focusing on something new and different like they did 20 years ago. That's the only chance they have of ever being as good as they once were. At least that's the opinion of a 25 year Microsoft developer All the best.
Welcome to AI, nice to hear from a veteran MS developer. An honest question if I may. To what are you referring about MS 20 years ago, is it NT? All the best.
Did you notice that Xcode 4 is available on the App store? You don't need to start off with a killer application, just getting something up onto the iPad or iPhone will be very, very encouraging.
New Posts  All Forums: