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There are probably quite a few customers holding onto their phone hoping for a remedy. (My 3GS doesn't drop bars regardless of how I hold it.) No, you aren't whining.
So, is your thesis 'professor', that the consumer is to blame for Apple's problem with the iPhone? How many mobile phones have you owned that required instructions on how to hold them? Unbelievable.
...Onto the tracks ahead of a scheduled Redmond Express. The next morning as he recovered, he was still counting his lucky stars that the express was late!
Ten years from now, there'll be plenty of ten year old, tablet computer users whose only knowledge of the word android will be in representing a dozen or so crappy operating systems and not the promise of a wonderful technological utopia that it once represented! \ Sigh.
Or not maybe! Bergermeister - how's the new experience shaping up?
Isn't that always the way?! \
If there is an Apple UK, it probably needs an income too. Does anyone know whether the local office is funded from local sales or whether funding is simply from a big pot?
Thanks. So, a premium of about 30 pounds then - not so bad. RichL - thanks too.
What's VAT there currently? If it's 15% then the prices look to be about £100 higher than they should be, (assuming that the published price includes VAT).
So it's true!
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