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Just included other tablets to be politically correct!
At some point the label media tablet will be dropped and the iPad (and other tablets) will enter mainstream thinking as computers, which is what they are of course.
Less than 10% of federal debt is owed to China. Does that meet your statement's criteria for accuracy? China is kind of squeezed here and will probably buy more debt. \ The arrangement is symbiotic.http://www.businessinsider.com/to-wh...e-money-2011-3
You should perhaps have emphasised the word more in your post. Manufacturing will come back to the US once fully automated (or nearly fully automated) manufacture is possible and then more high paying positions will be created for those required to operate the new facilities, not for serf labour as in China.
Exactly! (My neighbour only became interested in the Mac because he could run his windows software but now, he doesn't bother. As a convert, he's more vocal than a convert from smoking! )
Easily done. All the best.
Wasn't suggesting anything in particular. The corridor appears to be about 0.9 miles long. Someone was asking what the circumference would be.
Very good (Other ex-firm)
The Finnish government and the whole of the Finnish population would step in - there'd be riots on the streets of Helsinki! Still, all good fun!
This is an interesting comparison: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=nokia%2Fapple Nokia apparently has valuable patents and a distributed manufacturing base that could possibly (I don't know at what cost) be repurposed, such as: http://www.nokia.co.in/about-nokia/c...uring-in-india and in lower-cost European countries: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia Nokia's market cap currently is a little less than Apple's net income! Interestingly, this is a...
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