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One possible indicator of which product line is involved would be whether the prohibition is being applied outside the U.S. as well. Any Insider word addressing that question?
At a personal level, my perception of Bill Gates is that he is a most pleasant fellow. One wonders what Microsoft would have been if he and Paul Allen had not encumbered themselves with Steve Ballmer.
It does not surprise me at all that Woz would have felt such loyalty to HP. The HP of today is not the HP of those days. The company was built on engineering excellence by two engineers who displayed incredible vision and dedication to the highest standards. Woz would have fully appreciated this fact. Furthermore, this argument can be easily supported if one goes and searches out the HP Journal that they used to produce, in which their design philosophy was displayed. ...
I'd like to see Apple using two away-facing cameras on the iPhone and Touch so that we can start collecting stereo images. One camera near the top of the enclosure and one near the bottom, for use in landscape mode. I am sure that other uses for a dual camera system would be found too. Sub-pixel interpolation might be possible leading to reasonably higher resolution images for a given pixel rating. A Facetime camera on the iPad would be great.
Welcome! (Heard somewhere that 3G performance is one beneficiary.)
Just so tiresome! (Tekstud?)
Hey! - I remember Tab - sigh \
4.19 million iPads far exceeds the 3.5 million that they might have sold and vastly more than the 3.3 million that might have moved. This is therefore a brilliant result! (I'm an analyst part time, like those on Wall Street )
iOS IS OS X, it just isn't the Mac version of OS X however. \
If he wasn't here, we'd not have had the joy of your response! Silver linings and all that.
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