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Welcome to AI, nice to hear from a veteran MS developer. An honest question if I may. To what are you referring about MS 20 years ago, is it NT? All the best.
Did you notice that Xcode 4 is available on the App store? You don't need to start off with a killer application, just getting something up onto the iPad or iPhone will be very, very encouraging.
How did you get on?
Alladdin, these guys just want to see responses to their ill-intentioned posts - ignore them and they'll go away... \
My immediate thought in response was to say 'Well, anyone who misses out can always go out and buy a... you know, that Samsung one, the...' but I had forgotten its name. \ (is it the Galaxy?)
The camera that I purchased isn't in that league, where I believe Canon probably has the advantage. The controls (physical and menu driven) on the Nikon that I bought are brilliant.Would employing an A5 chip be necessary in order to implement Thunderbolt in a suitable form factor? (Surely not where space and power aren't an issue. \) (That is, in very small form factor devices such as an iPhone, will the processor handle external comms too? Personally, I believe that...
Every young, fit office worker in SF knows that a dualie is way cooler than a regular road bike. Stopping can be tough but if a lawyer is riding one, he/she can sue whatever it is that gets in the way. (Kinda fits the whole MS ethos.)
Remember this name? (Silly question \)http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Zeiss_Ikon It's being revived.
With large raw image sizes now quite common and the capacity of camera memory cards to store large numbers of large files, perhaps Canon employing Thunderbolt would be newsworthy.
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