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Isn't that always the way?! \
If there is an Apple UK, it probably needs an income too. Does anyone know whether the local office is funded from local sales or whether funding is simply from a big pot?
Thanks. So, a premium of about 30 pounds then - not so bad. RichL - thanks too.
What's VAT there currently? If it's 15% then the prices look to be about £100 higher than they should be, (assuming that the published price includes VAT).
So it's true!
And all those people in line just to pre-order! Thanks for the tale - interesting story. All the best.
Just pre-ordered! No limit on numbers apparently, although I ordered two and so didn't test a possible limit (Australia). Price published in this article is correct (includes taxes) and both the wi-fi model and 3G are available for pre-order. Shipping 'by the 28th'. Bergermeister - no contracts on wi-fi.
Okay but is VAT included in Canadian pricing? In Australia for example, all taxes are covered in the price, which makes the 16GB Australian model about parity with the US model (if the US price isn't allowing for taxes).Best.(Just noted further discussion of this!)
Okay smarty pants... transition! I had to look twice even so to notice, sometimes you read just what you want. \Anyway, if you drive a TRUE sports car you already know the answer to that!
Apple is in the business as part of its activities of cultivating links. An example would be that while it was working with IBM and Motorola on the PPC and perhaps keeping an eye on the cell processor, Apple was cultivating Intel (despite toasted bunny fun) so that they were able to make a smooth transition of products to Intel processors. This could be particularly important in the coming decade, as companies such as Intel (and IBM) might just bring about leaps in...
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