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...Looking back through the ages, our scientists studied the downfall of modern Rome (Roman-MS). By studying the 4 stable isotopes and the 3 unstable isotopes of the element 'high-profile project (Hpp)', these being Zune, Pink, Vista, WinMobile, IE, XBox and Bing, they were able to determine the source of the madness that brought Roman-MS to its knees. At the time of its fall, Roman-MS had adopted a very strong Pink hue. Fake Vista(s) were also prominent, visible from...
My understanding is that the levels of lead in the bodies of many ancient Romanites(?) often exceeded levels found today in those who have suffered from high intake due to pollution (reference needed). Lead is a very interesting study because it has 4 stable isotopes that often permit it to be traced from the source mine to the grave (so to speak)! At least the Romans had a good excuse.
You know, this is an interesting question. My recollection is that by the time Rome actually 'fell', the people of Rome itself (the city rather than wider empire), were completely in apathy of their plight. No heroic last-stand battles (again, in Rome itself), just a city laid bare 'civically', (a term which itself is ironic). Of course, in Rome at the time, there were no doubt heroes to whom the general condition of apathy could not have applied, people who were...
So you're a pusher then! I sincerely hope that it doesn't run the iPhone OS! (In its current guise.)
If the display can be made with LED illumination that is as bright as today's MBPs it would be fine. Something I love about my LED backlit display is the ease of viewing in even strong sunlight.
Should be a business opportunity in there, scanning and cleaning up existing texts and adding hyperlinks and active media - anyone interested?
I'll bet that you are also on the after-dinner speaking circuit!
Okay, so the backups are produced/updated only when saving your work. It would be useful to have it save a copy more often. I have been in the habit for a long time of saving regularly, almost sub-consciously. What's your PhD in?
So, automatic backups aren't enough then?
Which version of Pages were you using? Compatibility has improved markedly with '09 (version 4.0.2) in my understanding.
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