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There were questions around at the time about whether MS might become a $1 trillion enterprise. In the late 1990's, I was castigated for being (in the end), the sole Mac user within our enterprise, which today still has its major enterprise agreements exclusively with Dell. Congratulations to all at Apple.
I'm with you.
Any major differences?
The mountain is (are) coming to Mohammed
In a sense I agree with you. I'm sure that those who are disappointed that the iPad cannot replace their phone didn't actually buy it expecting that it could, obviously (particularly considering that the 3G version hasn't shipped yet). They just wish that it could. This feeling is actually a very good sign - they might have complained about some other practicality or lacking feature but picked one that they knew was never an option. It's a bit like looking for...
Mmmm... I'm amazed at even MY efficiency on the iPhone at typing (and I probably AM a fudster)!
Very nice! Enjoy!
By books, does the article mean ebook readers or really just books? Sorry, just not sure. \
I absolutely wouldn't want my mind living outside of my body - it's hard enough not to be embarrassed even knowing that no one else knows what I am thinking!
Trust betrayed, in hindsight, can make anyone feel (and potentially look,) stupid. Doesn't mean that one is stupid but feelings and truth often enjoy only a tenuous association.
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