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I just do not understand the term 'walled garden' as anything rational! What the heck are you talking about? I have a good friend who is writing software for the iPad, 3 applications - and I run that software as a beta tester. He's an independent developer and PhD candidate. He is not some Apple minion. He does not live behind a walled garden, he lives in the real world working on real-world solutions. I haven't had a virus on a Mac since about 1987 and to the best of...
Guess the argument depends on how one defines the term 'PC'. The iPad is definitely a personal computer, more so in some ways than my multi-user iMac (27" Core i7 - very nice btw). Also, popular need is really what the term post-PC is referring to, at the moment at least. My iPad doesn't run Mathematica (standalone) and so I need my desktop computer. However, many, many users do not need such a capability and so, the post-PC era is as good as here. Interestingly...
Do you have a reference to studies that come to that conclusion. Such is not my experience. \
This really is a smart move on Turkey's behalf.First of all, they have recognised tablet computers as the future for the classroom - post PC computing at a child's desk, not the odd computer in a classroom here or classroom there or centralised facility. Notch one up to Turkey.Second, they would recognise themselves as potentially a very cost-effective doorway to either Europe in the west, Central Asia to the east or the Middle East to the south. Of the cost-effective...
I think that the phrase was saying 'A well-known consumer rights advocate in China has filed two lawsuits against Apple after customers reported purchasing iPhones (model 4) from Beijing Apple Stores...' ...and yes, Apple would not (as a corporate policy at least) resort to such a practice. \
Just included other tablets to be politically correct!
At some point the label media tablet will be dropped and the iPad (and other tablets) will enter mainstream thinking as computers, which is what they are of course.
Less than 10% of federal debt is owed to China. Does that meet your statement's criteria for accuracy? China is kind of squeezed here and will probably buy more debt. \ The arrangement is symbiotic.http://www.businessinsider.com/to-wh...e-money-2011-3
You should perhaps have emphasised the word more in your post. Manufacturing will come back to the US once fully automated (or nearly fully automated) manufacture is possible and then more high paying positions will be created for those required to operate the new facilities, not for serf labour as in China.
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