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Right on, well said. (I would however, ban Harry Potter at the drop of a hat, not that anyone would notice! )
LightPeak \ (Versatile, blindingly fast, low power, future proof)
A fellow EDN reader. (Former LIA and SPIE member too.)
I ran my last semester's tutorials from an iPad but could not charge it while running the VGA adapter (5 hours constantly on used about 55% of a full charge and so it wasn't actually a problem). However, the freedom to walk around with the iPad would be great. Can the aTV drive VGA as well?Thanks for the idea. HDMI -> DVI -> VGA \
Well said. Also, Tim Cook is very capable. Get well Steve - best wishes.
The post you referenced was number 65 - sad that the angst perpetuated through another 300 posts when this could have been the final word. Of course, it was posted on AI and so had little hope of closing the thread. I added 10 names to my ignore list just through the agency of this thread alone. (Hopefully, some of those are ignoring me too!)
More Apple bashing! The demise of rotating media will be the consequence of a natural progression of technology, not the the result of some evil, Apple led conspiracy.
Point taken. \
One possible indicator of which product line is involved would be whether the prohibition is being applied outside the U.S. as well. Any Insider word addressing that question?
At a personal level, my perception of Bill Gates is that he is a most pleasant fellow. One wonders what Microsoft would have been if he and Paul Allen had not encumbered themselves with Steve Ballmer.
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