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It WAS obviously, a decent shot at sarcasm. \
I see it that way too... now, about those displays...
I've heard that Apple is working on perception distortion using a new RDF known internally as Tardis. There'll also be an API available later.(Okay, just noticed that Paxman is onto this too - great minds...)
Actually, I wasn't sure about that either - someone will set us straight.
Like this? An early design. \ All the best.
A shot of the Brisbane store to illustrate Apple's retail store upgrade! Go Brissy. (Image could have been of a store anywhere of course.) Guess that the 'revolutionary' iPad has a part in revolutionising Apple's in-store experience. For me too, I now have the electrical diagram of one of my vehicles on an iPad - 40 pages less paper printed. Of course, I'm only consuming that information! \
Every device employing TB must be capable of exerting the same control functions over the link. A separate controller chip is used, either a single channel version for low-power devices or the full-power dual channel, 40 Gbps (theoretical max) chip apparently. Intel apparently intends to release a developer kit in June or July. Thunderbolt will permit the kinds of capability that Firewire provides but more so. For example, high-definition video cameras (1080p) could...
Thundercat perhaps but not Thunderbolt.
And on Apple computers, Firewire was and is a great success.
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