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I've heard that Apple is working on perception distortion using a new RDF known internally as Tardis. There'll also be an API available later.(Okay, just noticed that Paxman is onto this too - great minds...)
Actually, I wasn't sure about that either - someone will set us straight.
Like this? An early design. \ All the best.
A shot of the Brisbane store to illustrate Apple's retail store upgrade! Go Brissy. (Image could have been of a store anywhere of course.) Guess that the 'revolutionary' iPad has a part in revolutionising Apple's in-store experience. For me too, I now have the electrical diagram of one of my vehicles on an iPad - 40 pages less paper printed. Of course, I'm only consuming that information! \
Every device employing TB must be capable of exerting the same control functions over the link. A separate controller chip is used, either a single channel version for low-power devices or the full-power dual channel, 40 Gbps (theoretical max) chip apparently. Intel apparently intends to release a developer kit in June or July. Thunderbolt will permit the kinds of capability that Firewire provides but more so. For example, high-definition video cameras (1080p) could...
Thundercat perhaps but not Thunderbolt.
And on Apple computers, Firewire was and is a great success.
The two channels in each USB 3 link are still master/slave and so won't perform nearly as well. The only real innovation is the ability of a slave to poll the master, hardly an innovation at all. \
Further to my comments about the HP of old - when engineers were still in charge, HP produced the very best communications port bar none - GPIB (IEEE488)! Nothing compared in any measure accept in cost. To put that into context, the state of the art for alternatives was... RS232! GPIB could be daisy chained too. In those days, HP ruled in technical computing, no one else came close. Again - gone with Taligent.
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